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​​WEKA for the Cloud

Cut your cloud data infrastructure costs by half and radically accelerate cloud workflows.

​​What you get​

Faster time to results with cloud acceleration

WEKA provides a unified approach to data management in cloud computing that combines the economics and scale of the cloud with unmatched performance to turbocharge your demanding cloud workloads, and accelerate cloud project times.

Run high performance applications in the cloud

​​The WEKA™ Data Platform for Cloud Workflows unifies flash and object storage tiers in a single namespace, ensuring every application you run in the cloud gets the performance it requires.​

Control your cloud costs by optimizing resources

​​WEKA eliminates the need for multiple copies of your data across performance and capacity tiers and seamlessly enables long term retention either in the cloud or on premises.​

​​Elastically scale your data with your applications​ with cloud workflow management

​​WEKA automatically scales up to meet peak demand and seamlessly scales back down so you don’t pay for capacity you don’t need.​

Simplify data operations in the cloud

WEKA provides data storage management in cloud computing with Radically Simple Storage™ that eliminates the need to maintain multiple copies of data, manage data movement between storage tiers, or tune storage to meet performance requirements. This approach to Radically Simple Storage reduces data operations time by 65% according to ESG.

​​Wherever you cloud, we’ve got you​

WEKA Enables the Cloud and Accelerates Business Transformation

“The first thing that happened after we migrated to WEKA was our CFO hugged me. We’d quartered our cloud storage cost and maintained higher performance than we were getting previously.”

​​Tom Taylor, Owner, Gunpowder LLC, technology consultant to Parliament VFX​
Cloud Guarantee

Cut Your Cloud Data Costs by Half

WEKA eliminates the need to over-provision storage, ensures you don’t pay for storage you don’t use, and removes the need to maintain as many as seven or eight copies of production data to support your ML pipelines.

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How much can WEKA save you?

Try the WEKA Cost Savings Calculator and see how much WEKA can save you in the cloud. Use our quick and easy cloud savings calculator and instantly find out how much you can save on monthly cloud storage costs.

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Half Price Cloud Guarantee

We’re so confident in the WEKA Data Platform’s revolutionary approach, that we will stand behind it with a guarantee. We guarantee we can save you 50% on your current cloud storage solution with zero impact on performance.

​​Your cloud, your way​

​​The WEKA Data Platform for Cloud Workflows makes it easy to leverage the best of what the cloud has to offer, no matter how you want to use it.​

Data Platform

​​Run natively on any cloud​

​​The WEKA Data Platform provides seamless integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to give you a single, unified deployment option that performs consistently across edge, on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments.​

Cloud Data Storage

​​Burst to the Cloud​

​​The WEKA Data Platform makes it simple to maintain a usable copy of on-premises data in the cloud, where you can use elastic compute resources to run calculations and analyses and gain new insights.​

agile data pipelines​

​​Build agile cloud data pipelines​

Enable every artist, researcher, and data scientist to seamlessly collaborate from any location using a single shared data set to deliver breakthrough results previously not possible in the cloud.

Data Storage Solutions

​​Move Data to the Cloud​

​​The WEKA Data Platform’s Remote Backup feature sends snapshots of a filesystem – both full and incremental – including metadata, to an object store, so data can be restored on the original WEKA cluster or a new WEKA cluster of any size, on-premises and in the cloud.​

storage in cloud

​​Tier data in the cloud​

​​Integrated cloud data management automatically and seamlessly moves data from the performance tier of flash-based storage to the native object storage capacity tier for massive scalability, all presented in a single namespace for the best economics at petascale.​

Cloud workload management to migrate data between clouds

​​The WEKA Data Platform’s unique snap-to-object feature allows users to create a replica of production data and instantly push it to any S3 object store, both on-premises and in the cloud. The cloud copy can be used for cloud workload migration to another application cluster, or to provide a fast recovery point objective (RPO) service guarantee.​

​​Achieve more with WEKA​ for Cloud Workflows

Up to 7x improved performance versus traditional and cloud native storage offerings
data platform that scales up and down​
​Up to 65% reduction in infrastructure costs​
​Up to 90% faster cloud data pipelines


​​Life Sciences

​​Next generation genomic sequencing, bio-imaging, and microscopy require a combination of high throughput and extremely low latency. WEKA enables researchers and scientists to deploy their complex data pipelines to the cloud to improve their scalability and agility without sacrificing performance or overspending.​

​​Media & Entertainment

​​Content production houses, creative agencies, and studios are increasingly turning the cloud to develop content in an agile fashion and enable collaboration between artists. WEKA provides the industry’s only cloud-native, unified data platform that delivers the throughput, low latency, and high IO required to keep up with high frame rates and high bit-depth workflows. Artists can share a single data set across every application in the production pipeline including content creation, visual effects, color correction, rendering, and archival. Dropped frames become a thing of the past, play uncompiled or unrendered content without a hiccup.​

​​Financial Services​

​​Financial Services organizations rely on quantitative modeling to help mitigate risk, detect fraud and develop new trading algorithms. WEKA offers a modern cloud storage architecture that delivers on-premises performance to the most demanding I/O intensive workloads and latency-sensitive applications. Used by leading quantitative trading companies, WEKA helps them gain a competitive advantage and improve trading outcomes.​

WEKA for the Cloud


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​​”I looked at a lot of storage systems in AWS and chose WEKA because of the ability to tier to S3 storage for the best cost given the volume of data we are creating.​”
​​Samuel Reid, Head of Technology, Untold Studios​
“​​We needed to replicate our on-premises high-performance computing environment in the cloud to be more scalable and more agile. WEKA and AWS enabled us to deliver a highly performant and compatible cloud environment which researchers could not tell the difference in operations. By using WEKA and AWS, we’re able to deliver breakthrough results for our customers faster.​”
​​Arnold De Leon, Operations Manager, 23andMe​
“Getting WEKA up and running was so easy, so fast. It just felt so slick. But I wasn’t really expecting what I saw once we ran performance metrics. I’ve never seen anything like it. Without WEKA, my life would be much harder, and my job as a studio technologist would be incredibly difficult.”
​​Alan McSeveney, Head of Technology, Preymaker​
​​”The ability to write to S3 and read back very quickly using WEKA changed our game a lot. Previously, experiments might have taken us 3 months or more; and now we can do these exact same experiments in less than a week.​”
​​Jon Sorenson, VP Technology Development, Atomwise​
“We are using the WEKA shared file system on AWS instead of Lustre for its stability and stellar support for our geospatial workflows. Using WEKA, demanding analyses than used to take 2-3 months, are completed in less than two weeks.”
​​Alessandro Menegaz, Cloud IT Manager, Tre Altamira​
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WEKA for Cloud Workflows Conquers the Impossible