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​​WEKA for
Media & Entertainment

Enable content creators, visual effect producers, and studio technologists to accelerate every workflow in their content pipeline.​

What you get

​​​Faster project times, delighted artists, reduced costs

WEKA provides the fastest media and entertainment storage in the cloud so you can enable artists across the globe to build amazing content.

Eliminate the high cost of infrastructure for production with HPC in media

WEKA combines high performance NVMe with low-cost object storage in a single namespace, which ensures you can deliver projects on time and on budget. WEKA’s “zero-copy architecture” eliminates the need for multiple silos and duplication of content — dramatically reducing the cost of productions.

​​Delight artists with an uncompromising experience in the cloud​

​​Ensure every application gets exactly the right performance profile across 4K and 8K UHD/HDR edit, color grading, and rendering workflows with WEKA’s zero-tuning capabilities. Every creative gets a great experience with zero-frame loss and zero lag with WEKA HPC for entertainment.​

​​Build a production studio in the cloud in 40 minutes or less​

​​WEKA provides a cloud native data platform that enables you to run your entire production pipeline in the cloud. With support for infrastructure as code and autoscaling, you can build an entire production pipeline in the cloud in a few minutes and scale the entire deployment down when the project is complete.​

“​​Nothing in the cloud came close to WEKA – 1.5 M IOPs, 6x lower latency than the next best solution available, and no comparison on cost per TB per performance – it’s incredibly affordable.​”

​​Alan McSeveney, Head of Technology, Preymaker​


WEKA wins Product of the Year Award at NAB 2023

NABSHOW Product of the year

​​Achieve more with WEKA​ HPC for Media

improvement in resource ROI
faster. ​​Run Nuke, Flame, Maya, and Resolve up to 6x faster than your current workflow​
reduction in infrastructure costs​
acceleration in project turnaround time
Testimonial Logo
Testimonial Logo
“​​I looked at a lot of storage systems in AWS and chose WEKA because of the ability to tier to S3 storage for best cost given the volume of data we are creating. But ultimately the level of support that WEKA gave was the deciding factor.​”
​​Samuel Reid, Head of Technology, Untold Studios​
“​​The ability to just hit ‘play’ in front of a customer and display uncompressed rendered content from shared file storage without a hiccup has been a pipe dream within the industry for a long time—and being able to do that from centralized data on WEKA is a huge win for us.​”
​​Alan McSeveney, Head of Technology, Preymaker​
Samuel Reid
​​Alan McSeveney
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WEKA​ HPC for Media and Entertainment Conquers the Impossible