WEKA is a high bandwidth, low latency file system that dramatically reduces wall clock time for High Performance Data Analytics

WEKA for HPDA accelerates data insights

High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) workloads are now applying predictive models for deeper insights, and success is measured by time-to-results. HPDA is at the intersection of High Performance Computing (HPC), traditional business analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Imperative use cases, from fraud and anomaly detection, affinity marketing and business intelligence, are leveraging HPDA to gain competitive advantage. The WEKA® Data Platform is the modern storage architecture that can handle the most demanding I/O intensive workloads and latency-sensitive applications at Petascale to improve your HPDA outcomes.

“As a trusted advisor to our clients, we always look for new methods and technologies to help our clients do their analytics work. Destiny chose to partner with WEKA because we like the disruptive capabilities of this technology that elegantly solves our clients’ problems with no change needed to their SAS code.”

Dana Rafiee, Director of Worldwide Strategic Consulting, Destiny Corporation

Six reasons to deploy WEKA in your SAS analytics environment

Delivers 5x Improvement in Wall Clock Time for Long Running Projects

Runs 10x More Workloads with the Same SAS Licensing. Eliminates Racks of Server Infrastructure.

Best TCO by Leveraging a Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform with NVME for Performance, and HDD for Capacity

Enables using Public Cloud Elasticity to meet Peak Compute Demands

Best Scalability, Up to Exabytes of Storage and Billions of Files in a Single Directory

Single Global Namespace for Your Entire Dataset, no More Need for Multiple Data Copies

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Start Accelerating Your HPDA Workloads