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​​WEKA for Hybrid Cloud Storage​

Stop compromising on your hybrid cloud strategy

​​What you get​

​​Seamless Hybrid Cloud​

Run applications anywhere teams work without sacrificing speed, scale, simplicity, or sustainability with a leading-edge hybrid cloud architecture.

​​Burst to the cloud​

​​Easily mount copies of your file system to any cloud where you can use cloud compute to run your applications or analyze data. Then archive or delete the data and scale down the entire hybrid cloud environment to optimize costs.​

​​Enable hybrid cloud workflows​

Extend existing workflows between your data center and any cloud. You can extend a single WEKA namespace between your data center and cloud storage, enabling you to build hybrid cloud workflows that meet your application requirements without compromise.​

​​Protect and recover data​

​​Easily backup data to the cloud using incremental snapshots of your entire WEKA environment. Recover data in the cloud, or back to your data center. Run applications in the cloud using your snapshots for either disaster recovery/ business continuity, or cloud migration.​

​​Archive data in the cloud​

​​Upload incremental snapshot copies of your entire file system to any object store; in any cloud or on-premises. You can archive snapshots to long term cold storage for long term retention at the best economics.​

“We chose WEKA for its ability to provide cost-effective, high-bandwidth I/O to our GPUs and to seamlessly span across our on-prem and AWS deployments.”

​​​Paul Liu, Engineering Operations Lead, WeRide​

​​Why WEKA’s Hybrid Cloud​ Storage Solution

​​Optimize data storage costs​

Create a single namespace that extends between storage tiers in your data center and the cloud, enabling you to store a single copy of data in the location that best fits the requirements of every workload.

​​Employ cloud scalability for every workload​

​​Run your hybrid cloud at Exabyte scale with advanced data management capabilities such as autoscaling, Snap to Object, and multi-protocol support in the cloud and in your data center so you can scale every workload to meet your needs with virtually no limits.​

​​Simplify data management for every application​

​​​WEKA provides a unified, accelerated cloud data platform built on a single code base that operates the same no matter where your data is located. In a single solution, you can manage data operations for every workload both in the cloud and in your data center.

​​Increase data resilience​

​​​Quickly copy your file system (including metadata) to any object store in any cloud, or on-premises. You can create a secondary WEKA environment of any size and easily maintain consistency between instances using incremental snapshots. With WEKA backup, and DR to the cloud (or from it) are simple and seamless.​

​​Enable data portability​

​​Easily move a usable copy of your data from your data center to the cloud, or between clouds with WEKA snap to object.​

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