The Accelerated Hybrid Cloud Data Platform

WEKA provides a radically simple hybrid cloud data platform with epic performance to optimize HPC workloads running across on-premises and any cloud environment.

A revolutionary hybrid cloud architecture to manage demanding on-premises and cloud data pipelines

Accelerate time to insight

Push the limits of what is possible. With industry-leading performance, you can dramatically accelerate time to insights. Instantly adapt to any new workload with no knobs to tune and no expertise required. Get up and running quickly in the cloud or on-premises with validated reference architectures.

Deploy anywhere

WEKA lives anywhere your data does, whether on-premises, in the public cloud, or hybrid. Take advantage of elastic compute resources available in the cloud at massive scale by deploying our cloud-native data platform. WEKA offers you the choice of either deploying on dedicated storage servers or as converged compute/storage on-premises or in the cloud.
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Create without limits and drive results faster

Mind-bendingly fast.

Deliver unbeatable file and object performance for your most demanding applications supporting high I/O, low latency, small files, and mixed workloads with no tuning.

Seductively simple.

Eliminate the complexity and compromises of traditional data infrastructure with a single, easy-to-use data platform that eliminates storage silos across on-premises and the cloud.

Infinitely scalable.

Scale your compute and storage independently and linearly on-premises or in the cloud to handle 10s of millions or even billions of files of all data types and data sizes.

Effortlessly sustainable.

Lower energy consumption and reduce the resulting carbon emissions by cutting data pipeline idle time, extending the usable life of your hardware, and moving workloads to the cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Data Platform

Works with your existing applications

  • Works With Your Existing Applications
  • Data Analytics
  • Life Sciences
  • Containers & Orchestration
  • Object Storage
  • Databases
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WEKA breaks records on industry standard benchmarks

IO 500

Data storage & management reimagined

WEKA’s modern cloud data platform architecture was designed for the unique storage needs of today’s I/O intensive workloads. Optimized for NVMe and the cloud, WEKA powers unprecedented innovation.

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