​​WEKA for Life Sciences​

​​Accelerate structural biology and genomic sequencing workflows​ with HPC life sciences.

​​What you get​

​​The WEKA Data Platform​

​​Enable researchers and reduce time to discoveries with the world’s fastest data platform for life sciences.

​​Reduce infrastructure costs to support structural biology and genome sequencing workflows​

WEKA eliminates the need to over-provision storage resources to meet performance intensive structural biology applications needs.

​​​Improve utilization of lab workstations, modeling software, and GPU infrastructure​​

​​WEKA zero-tuning capability every application in your analytics pipeline gets the performance it needs with less idle time for expensive and scarce GPUs and modeling software.​

​​Accelerate project times by up to 90%​

​​WEKA zero-copy architecture eliminates the need for multiple data copies and complex data operations, reducing time to insights for your researchers and scientists.​

​​Run cryo-em and genomics workloads 7x faster​

​​WEKA provides a single namespace for flash and object storage with smart tiering that ensures hot data is always ready for analysis, improving application performance by as much as 7x.​

​​Scale data operations to support your research workflows​

​​WEKA bi-directional scaling enables you to rapidly scale up your research workflows to meet your timelines and then scales back down so you never pay for resources you don’t use.​

​​Life Science Use Cases​

​​Accelerate structural biology and genomics workflows​

AI & HPC for Life Sciences

​​Accelerating drug discovery workflows in the cloud or on-premises​

​​WEKA enables researchers who rely on structural biology software tools such as: Relion, Cryo-SPARC, Schrodinger, and Fluent Biosciences to reduce project times from weeks to days and accelerate time to new drug discoveries and scientific insights.​

HPC for Life Sciences

​​Perform genomic sequencing analyses faster for less money​

​​Labs that rely on WEKA to support their genomic sequencing workflows can optimize their infrastructure across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments to dramatically accelerate project times and reduce costs.​

AI for Life Sciences

​​Respond quickly to regulatory requirements with cloud autoscaling​

​​Pharmaceuticals organizations can use WEKA running any cloud provider to rapidly scale data operations up and rapidly respond to inquiries from regulatory agencies like the FDA.​

hpc life sciences

​​Accelerate model analysis with seamless cloud bursting​

​​WEKA provides a cloud native data platform that enables you to run your entire production pipeline in the cloud. With support for infrastructure as code and autoscaling, you can build an entire production pipeline in the cloud in a few minutes and scale the entire deployment down when the project is complete.​

A proven solution
for Life Sciences Industry Experts

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Testimonial Logo
Testimonial Logo
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“Our scientists can more easily complete their analysis and no longer have to deal with the storage. With WEKA we have so much performance and expandable capacity that we don’t have to think about it”
​​Stuart Glenn, Assistant Director of Infrastructure and Research Computing, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF)
“We were looking for a solution that is easy to manage, delivers high performance, and protects data with encryption in-flight. This solution ensures secure data access coupled with the necessary data analysis performance required by research groups.​”
​​​​Dr. Heinz Stockinger,​​ Head of Core-IT, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics​
“​​Our existing solution couldn’t scale to hundreds of petabytes and wasn’t performing as well in these magnitudes — that’s what drove us to WEKA.​”
​​David Ardley, Director of Infrastructure Transformation​
“WEKA enabled us to replicate our on-premises HPC environment in the cloud. Once deployed, researchers couldn’t tell the difference in terms of operations between the two.”
​​Arnold de Leon, Operations Manager, 23andMe​
Stuart Glenn
Dr. Heinz Stockinger
David Ardley
​​Arnold de Leon
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WEKA for Life Sciences Conquers the Impossible