Partner Certifications

Get Certified with WEKA X Partner Fundamental and Expert Certifications

WEKA Xplorer Certifications

WEKA X Sales Xplorer

Become a Certified
WEKA X Sales Xplorer

Gain expertise in leveraging WEKA, the world’s fastest data platform, to help customers optimize and accelerate their workflows. Empowers partners and sales professionals with essential insights and strategies for effectively promoting WEKA solutions and projecting its value proposition.

WEKA X Technical Xplorer

Become a Certified
WEKA X Technical Xplorer

Drive workload acceleration, cost savings, and unparalleled efficiency with an advanced technical understanding of the WEKA data platform. Position high-performance data solutions across diverse verticals, qualify opportunities in AI, ML, HPC and other high performance workloads, and deliver cuttingedge solutions that streamline your customers’ operations.

WEKA Xpert Certification

WEKA Xpert

Become a Certified
WEKA Technical Xpert

Maximize the potential of the WEKA Data Platform™ with the WEKA Technical Xpert Certification. This advanced certification prepares partners and end-users to answer technical questions about the installation and upgrade of the WEKA Data Platform™. It also prepares individuals to accurately describe Level 1 incidents to WEKA engineering services.

Why Get Certified?

Accelerate your path to profitability

WEKA provides:

  • Comprehensive onboarding and enablement
  • Access to comprehensive business and technical training
  • Certification courses
  • Sales resources, such as WEKA’s Proof of Concept infrastructure
  • The universal deal registration programs
  • Incentives to enhance profitability

Expand Reach

WEKA X Premier Partners receive exclusive co-marketing benefits:

  • Generate awareness for WEKA solutions within your client and prospect base
  • Drive leads
  • Win new business

Easy Access

Through our revamped portal partners can:

  • Register deals
  • Create and submit quotes
  • Close deals

Close Deals Faster

WEKA X Premier Partners will also benefit from a dedicated team of:

  • Account managers, Sales engineers, Enterprise solution architects, and Customer support

Show your badge

Those who successfully complete this learning plan will earn a WEKA badge and personalized certificate to post on social media.