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Synthesia was founded with a mission to empower everyone to make professional quality video content – without cameras, microphones, or studios. Using AI, Synthesia is here to radically change the content creation process and unleash human creativity for good.

Build Lifelike Video Content With Generative AI

Synthesia provides text-to-video and text-to-speech capabilities that are intuitive to use and simple to get started with, providing AI-generated avatars to create lifelike video content without requiring camera equipment or human actors. Synthesia provides an intuitive web interface to craft compelling video content. Organizations can match avatars with voices, display graphics, and apply animations to create engaging and polished videos.

Artificial intelligence research is central to Synthesia’s service. Synthesia’s AI researchers continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, constantly training their models to generate AI avatars that produce more realistic renditions of human movement and speech. New model versions will provide even more lifelike avatars, while continuous model tuning expands the catalog of avatars and graphics content available to Synthesia customers. Synthesia researchers constantly push to improve their models through continued model training cycles and new data sets to support this effort.

“WEKA helped us with engineering peace of mind. It saved us a massive deployment effort that would have delayed bringing our product to market.”

Sash Stasyk, ML Platform Engineering Manager, Synthesia

“During AI model training, WEKA can fully saturate our GPUs, helping us get more performance out of our AI infrastructure and scale when needed.”

Sash Stasyk, ML Platform Engineering Manager, Synthesia

“WEKA gives us increased flexibility that simply wasn’t possible with any other solution we tried.”

Alex Balan, Technical Lead, Synthesia

“With WEKA, we can migrate our entire data set virtually with the push of a button. We continued doing model training across two AWS Regions simultaneously over two weeks while we migrated the compute.”

Alex Balan, Technical Lead, Synthesia
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