See How NexGen Cloud Is Democratizing AI With WEKA

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NexGen Cloud is a GPU cloud provider.

We bring enterprise-grade GPUs to market for the masses. We want to democratize AI and bring it into the hands of every single person.

We want to do that in a trustworthy and open fashion and deliver huge support to customers and onboard the next wave of AI companies.

The opportunity in GPU Cloud is absolutely astronomical. When we started our business, we started our business on the principle that we wanted to really deliver our service to the masses. We wanted to offer something that was accessible. Not just accessible – I can use one or three GPUs accessible – I mean, I can actually build my business in this ecosystem. I can use this company. I can grow with this company.

And I think that’s really what we pride ourselves on, giving you access and delivering huge amounts of scale – you’re able to not only access some of the most advanced computational resources, you’re able to access them at scale.

GPU cloud is different. It’s different because it’s an order of magnitude more complex to design, install, and manage. We have to consider things like power density per rack, storage performance, GPU availability, and the customers’ expectations of the platform are really, really high. They are expecting line-rate performance on every piece of the infrastructure. Whereas traditional cloud is often very underutilized and oversubscribed. In GPU cloud, customers are expecting this one-to-one contention and one hundred percent performance all day every day. Obviously, we absolutely need high-performance storage.

We’re building some of the most sophisticated GPU cloud infrastructure the world’s ever seen, and naturally what comes with the the workloads that we’re addressing is an optimum and super fast storage service.

Because in our market time is money and ensuring that workloads are performant is super important.

So that’s what initially drove us to WEKA, looking at their performance. We’ve got a product offering from a small cost-effective GPU all the way through to our enterprise-grade supercloud infrastructure.

WEKA is delivering the speed, scale, and simplicity demanded by GPU cloud. Another massive advantage of the WEKA platform, we really liked the separation of hardware vs. software, the flexibility that gives us for us to leverage our existing hardware supply chain and build the storage infrastructure in a way that suited us.

GPUs are one of the most energy-intensive pieces of the data center space.