WEKA – for those who crunch Big Numbers

Unleash your financial data with high velocity analytics

The data platform for next gen workloads in high performance financial services.

When it comes to financial data, speed is imperative. Financial analytics requires a storage system that can handle the most demanding I/O intensive workloads and latency-sensitive applications. WEKA’s data platform leverages NVMe storage, fast networks and a parallel file system to unleash the value of your data.

WEKA is used by leading financial services institutions who are constantly needing advanced technologies to gain a competitive edge. WEKA will improve business performance, while reducing fraud and risk.

Six reasons to use WEKA in your financial services environment

The WEKA Data Platform is ideal for delivering the best performance to large-scale CPU and GPU-based financial services, enabling the delivery of real-time analytical insights needed for fast changing market dynamics.

Delivers 10x higher performance than local-drive SSDs

Agile, on-prem, cloud or hybrid with automated tiering and cloud bursting

Secure data protection with built-in disaster resiliency

Leverages existing infrastructure and eliminates vendor lock-in

On-demand scalability and economy

Dramatically improves wall-clock time

“Our existing Network Attached Storage (NAS) was too slow to effectively cover analytics workloads. When we switched to WEKA it proved to be 10x faster and allowed for seamless backup to our object store.”

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