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Accelerating Large Language Model Training in the Cloud

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Stability AI is a visionary open-source generative AI company on a mission to build an intelligent foundation to activate humanity’s potential. The company delivers breakthrough, open-access AI models with minimal resource requirements for imaging, video, 3D, language, code, and audio.

Faster, Safer AI Through Open Models in Every Modality

By providing modular, open models in every modality, Stability AI can deliver new AI models to market faster, more sustainably, and with greater safety controls. Stability AI customers can bring pre-trained models into their domain and fine-tune them using their own IP-rich datasets in a secure and controlled manner. This approach improves AI researchers’ ability to deeply understand model dynamics, reduce the risk of model hallucination, and build AI applications that are safer and more responsible.

In the Generative AI space, the pace of innovation, already off the charts, is expected to remain high for years as foundation model providers create the AI building blocks that will drive next-generation applications. Stability AI seeks to win the generative AI race based on market speed, model accuracy, responsiveness, and accessibility.

“We can now reach 93% GPU utilization when running our AI model training environment using WEKA on AWS.”

Richard Vencu, MLOps Lead, Stability AI

“Before WEKA, we’d push a button, and the cloud storage cost would just blow up like $100K per month in a matter of hours.”

Richard Vencu, MLOps Lead, Stability AI

“When we switched to WEKA Converged Mode, we got 15 times more cloud storage capacity at about 80% of the previous cost.”

Richard Vencu, MLOps Lead, Stability AI
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Accelerate LLM Training in AWS

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