High Performance Computing

WEKA for HPC Data Management

How much faster would your scientific discovery be if you eliminated HPC storage bottlenecks?


Accelerate Your Scientific & Technical Applications

Eliminate complexities of antiquated parallel file systems & discover the simplicity, speed, & scale of WEKA for any HPC data profile on-premises or in the cloud.

Infrastructure at the speed of science

​Unleash your HPC with the highest data performance to accelerate your scientific & technical applications​. Single client performance up to 162GB/sec throughput and 2M IOPS. Proven cloud performance up to 2TB/sec.

Lower HPC storage costs

Lower your HPC storage TCO with WEKA’s automated tiering to object storage plus integrated back-up, disaster recovery and cloud bursting.

No Limits on Research or Researchers

WEKA supports thousands of concurrent compute clients and common HPC network, interfaces and tools such as Infiniband, Ethernet, MPI IO, HDF5, NetCDF, etc.

Radical Simplicity

Manage from tens of terabytes to multiple exabytes of HPC data with ease with WEKA. Manage any IO workload with zero tuning required, with zero metadata bottlenecks, & near zero day-to-day management overhead.

​​Any HPC workload, ANYWHERE​

​​On-premises, public, or hybrid cloud, the choice is yours. WEKA provides the industry’s first data platform for HPC with data portability across multiple cloud platforms.​

How to begin

Hear From Peers and Partners How WEKA is Making a Difference

Learn how WEKA is being used at SLAC as they map the sky, and how WEKA achieved 2TB/sec performance in Oracle Cloud.

HPC Data Management

It is Rocket Science

How did SLAC generate ½ Exabyte of data? You map the sky for planetary defense, of course.

Breakthrough Results in HPC Data Management

Over 17 million IOPs and 2TB/sec throughput

The Challenge

The Challenge of Modern Workloads

Mission-critical applications often experience performance issues after migrating to the cloud, while low latency or IO-intensive applications that share substantial amounts of data have been considered impossible to affordably run in the cloud.

Breakthrough Performance, Scalability, Flexibility, and Economics for Oracle Cloud

The WEKA Data Platform for HPC is multi-protocol, simultaneously supporting data access via POSIX, NFS, SMB, S3, GPUDirect Storage or Kubernetes CSI – and is one of the most performant HPC solutions accelerating I/O regardless of the data profile. With WEKA’s zero tuning, HPC workload management is a breeze. No ponytails or PhDs are required.

Reduction in HPC storage costs per genome
As much as 7x faster HPC performance
Data Platform in HPC that can easily scale up & down
Industry’s 1st multi-cloud data management platform
Up to 90% greater GPU efficiencies
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WEKA for HPC conquers the impossible