Select (& Justify!) Your Cloud File Storage System: A Conversation with GigaOm

Key Criteria for Evaluating File-Based Cloud Storage Solutions

File storage is a critical component of every cloud strategy, and enterprises often prefer it over block and object storage, for big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and collaboration.

Howard Holton of GigaOm Research and Phil Curran, Cloud Strategist at WEKA discussed key criteria in evaluating file-based cloud storage solutions. Takeaways include:

  • An overview of the current state of the market for cloud file systems
  • Best fit use cases for cloud-based file storage
  • Actionable selection criteria for your next cloud deployment

This webinar will provide the critical information you need to select the right cloud file system to ensure success in running your next-generation workloads in the cloud. Watch On-Demand Now >

Originally Aired on Thursday, January 26, 2023
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  • Speakers

    Howard Holton

    Analyst GigaOm

  • Speakers

    Phil Curran

    Cloud Strategist