WEKA for GPU Acceleration

Run Your GPU’s 20x Faster

Let WEKA unlock the power of your GPU Workloads

The WEKA Data Platform unlocks the full potential of your GPUs, matching your accelerated compute with accelerated data pipelines for accelerated outcomes.

WEKA Partners With NexGen Cloud to Democratize AI

WEKA is partnering with NexGen Cloud to provide the high-performance infrastructure foundation underpinning its forthcoming AI Supercloud, as well as the on-demand services offered by Hyperstack, NexGen Cloud’s GPUaaS platform. NexGen Cloud has built one of the largest fleets of GPUs in the world, powered entirely by renewable energy sources. NexGen plans to create a new $1 billion AI Supercloud with a mission to democratize AI innovation by providing customers with affordable, on-demand access to the world’s most powerful graphics processing units (GPUs).

“The WEKA Data Platform immediately stood out, not only for its exceptional performance and low latency but also for its ability to maximize the efficiency of our GPU cloud with a hardware-agnostic, innovative software solution. It enabled us to leverage existing hardware investments and power all of our cloud services as efficiently and sustainably as possible.”

Chris Starkey​, Co-Founder and CEO at NexGen Cloud

WEKA® Data Platform Converged Mode

Learn how to face the challenge of keeping pace with constant innovation while maintaining cost control and advancing sustainability initiatives. Let us show you how WEKA can drive continuous innovation and optimize your operations to improve profits without compromising long-term environmental and social responsibility goals.

Why WEKA for GPU Acceleration

Born in the cloud, the WEKA Data Platform is a software solution that ensures you can constantly saturate your GPUs by providing the highest throughput at the lowest latency.
WEKA efficiently handles large numbers of files creating virtual metadata servers that scale on the fly with every server that is added to the cluster. It also distributes and parallelizes all metadata and data across the cluster in small 4k chunks which creates incredibly low latency and high performance whether the IO size is small, large, or a mixture of both.

Stop Copying Data

WEKA’s Data Platform for AI makes all data as fast as local, putting an end to copying and accelerating GPU workflows, increasing utilization, and reducing the complexity of having to copy data between storage systems

Eliminate Data Silos

WEKA performs across all dimensions without the need for tuning or re-configuration, you can run any part of your pipeline on a single system, whether it requires massive IOPS with small reads and writes, or massive throughput and 10’s to 100’s of GB/sec

Enable Hybrid Workflows

WEKA’s Data Platform for AI was designed for the cloud but gives you the flexibility to deploy across core, edge or cloud. This gives you a consistent data platform across any environment, allowing you to burst from on-premises to the cloud as needed.

Are Your GPUs on a Catnap?

If your GPU accelerated workloads are experiencing data stalls and management challenges, this could lead to your GPUs being underutilized. The WEKA Data Platform for AI accelerates every step of your AI data pipeline, leading to lower epoch time, and faster times to insight.

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Get the Most Out of Your GPUs

AI is transforming industries but the growing shortage of GPUs is hindering its adoption. Data stalls can keep GPUs idle 50% of the time or more. Learn how WEKA eliminates data bottlenecks to drive full utilization of your GPUs and accelerate AI model training.

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Start accelerating GPU data pipelines