WEKA for GPU Acceleration

Run Your GPU’s 20x Faster

Let WEKA unlock the power of your GPU Workloads

The WEKA Data Platform unlocks the full potential of your GPUs, matching your accelerated compute with accelerated data pipelines for accelerated outcomes.

WEKA helps Applied Digital serve continuous data to the fastest GPUs on the Planet. “when we’re talking about performance and storage, we wanted a solution that would basically hang with the fastest GPUs in the world, something that would deliver the speed that those GPUs need.”

Stop Copying Data

WEKA’s Data Platform for AI makes all data as fast as local, putting an end to copying and accelerating GPU workflows, increasing utilization, and reducing the complexity of having to copy data between storage systems

Eliminate Data Silos

WEKA performs across all dimensions without the need for tuning or re-configuration, you can run any part of your pipeline on a single system, whether it requires massive IOPS with small reads and writes, or massive throughput and 10’s to 100’s of GB/sec

Enable Hybrid Workflows

WEKA’s Data Platform for AI was designed for the cloud but gives you the flexibility to deploy across core, edge or cloud. This gives you a consistent data platform across any environment, allowing you to burst from on-premises to the cloud as needed.

WEKA® Data Platform Converged Mode

WEKA Converged Mode

A first scale-out storage system deployed for on-premises GPU server farms or GPU-accelerated instances in the cloud. Customers achieve “zero footprint storage” by leveraging available local flash memory in next-generation GPU systems, increasing GPU resource utilization, and eliminating high costs associated with over-provisioning legacy filesystems.

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Get the Most Out of Your GPUs

AI is transforming industries but the growing shortage of GPUs is hindering its adoption. Data stalls can keep GPUs idle 50% of the time or more. Learn how WEKA eliminates data bottlenecks to drive full utilization of your GPUs and accelerate AI model training.

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Start accelerating GPU data pipelines