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See for yourself how the WEKA® Data Platform can accelerate and simplify your innovation, research, or discovery in the cloud, on-premises, or bursting between platforms. Deploy WEKA on your cloud or server of choice to help make your GPU and CPU compute clusters mind-bendingly fast and overcome complex data challenges to achieve first-to-market results.

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Great Performance In Any Easy PackageDelivered on all benchmarking requirments with excellent servicesHappy customer, Leading Edge Technology With Great Support ServiceThe Ferrari of The Storage WorldCare About Scaled ML Performance?
WekaFS Delivers.
Excellent Product Technically, Backed-Up By First Class SupportIncredible Performance With The Ability To Tier Off To Reduce Overall CostsAn Excellent, Modern And Simple Dustributed FSThe Metadata Performance, Especially in File Creation, is excellentWEKA Delivers Great Performance For Our HPCA AI Oriented ClusterCare About Scaled ML Performance? WEKA DeliversAbsolutely Phenomenal Storage ProviderWe No Longer Get Complaints from Our Production Teams on PerformanceExcellent Product With Great SupportAfter Vetting Multiple Options, It’s The Best Solution That Works With Our Needs
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