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Introducing the WEKApod™ Data Platform Appliance certified for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ on NVIDIA DGX H100 Systems

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Meet WEKApod

Get all the benefits of the WEKA Data Platform in a validated, turnkey data platform appliance certified for NVIDIA DGX Superpod on NVIDIA DGX H100 Systems. Starting with a minimum configuration of 8 nodes, WEKApod scales to hundreds of nodes and seamlessly integrates with NVIDIA Base Command™ Manager for centralized observability, including WEKA Data Platform performance metrics, and seamlessly integrates with Run.ai and other orchestration tools.

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A Quantum Leap in Enterprise AI Performance

The WEKApod Data Platform Appliance pairs NVIDIA DGX H100 Systems and NVIDIA networking with WEKA® Data Platform software to deliver best-in-class performance and performance density at scale for AI, GenAI, and GPU workloads.

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Efficient High Performance for AI Workloads

An 8-node, 1U rack-dense WEKApod configuration delivers highly optimized, extremely dense performance to meet the needs of up to 128 NVIDIA DGX H100 Systems in a rack and energy-efficient footprint. The WEKApod’s exceptional performance density improves GPU and workload processing efficiencies, optimizes rack space utilization, and reduces idle energy consumption and carbon emissions, contributing to overall power savings and helping organizations meet their sustainability goals.

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Extend Enterprise AI Workloads to the Cloud

The WEKA Data Platform runs in all major clouds, offering customers a choice of hyperscaler cloud and several emerging GPU infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. WEKApod leverages WEKA Data Platform software to seamlessly connect on-premises AI workloads to hyperscale and GPU cloud environments. Used with the WEKApod Data Platform Appliance, NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD customers can leverage the cloud or clouds of their choice for backup, archiving, and hybrid cloud workflows.

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Offering the Ultimate Choice in Deployment Options

The WEKA Data Platform gives customers the flexibility to deploy high-performance AI projects at scale wherever they want – on-premises and in the cloud – using a broad selection of major server vendors and public cloud marketplaces. Now, with WEKApod, organizations have a new way to consume the WEKA Data Platform in a fully integrated turnkey data platform appliance that’s also certified for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD.

The WEKApod Data Platform Appliance

WEKA was founded on the idea that current storage solutions have only provided incremental improvements to legacy designs, allowing for a widening gap between compute performance and data storage performance.

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