What’s New in the WEKA Platform

Version 4.2 of the WEKA® Data Platform offers improved operational management, data reduction, and cloud performance for next-generation workloads.

WEKA 4.2 by the Numbers

Up to 8x Data Reduction
Lower Cloud Costs
of PVCs
minute installation
Data Reduction

Lower Flash Costs with Enhanced Data Reduction

Advanced differential compression delivers cluster-wide data reduction at scale to make more efficient use of NVMe infrastructure. WEKA data reduction can lower the amount of storage to run workloads by up to 8x, depending on the workload.

Best in Class Azure Performance and Scale

With new optimizations, WEKA 4.2 outperforms alternate enterprise file storage such as NetApp Azure Files by up to 6x. WEKA 4.2 also fully supports Azure VM Scale Sets, so customers can auto-scale their storage up and down to control costs as workloads peak and recede.

Advanced Kubernetes Support for 1,000s of PVCs

A new CSI-plugin adds persistent volume claim (PVC) snapshots and PVC clone features to provide better data management at scale for large-scale container deployments.

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Rapid Installation

The WEKA Data Platform is now available as a pre-packaged, software-only appliance, drastically reducing time to on-ramp by automating installation on bare metal servers and streamlining technical support so customers can get started with WEKA in as little as 30 minutes.

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