WEKA for Containerized Applications

Scale Your Containerized Applications Without Limits

What you get

Scale and Performance for Your Containerized Applications without the Complexity

Born in the cloud, and optimized for containerized workloads, the WEKA Data Platform enables you to break free from the scale limits and performance bottlenecks associated with legacy storage architectures designed for monolithic applications.

Simplify your container deployments

WEKA provides Radically Simple Storage™️ that eliminates the complexity associated with multiple, siloed datastores for microservice architectures.

Accelerate containerization for applications

WEKA eliminates the data bottlenecks associated with containers, accelerating your application performance.

Seamlessly deploy and scale to containers

WEKA provides linear scalability for data performance or capacity, so you can affordably run large container deployments without hitting a scaling wall.

Control the container cost spiral

The single, high-performance data platform provided by WEKA eliminates the need for multiple data silos and costly data transfer operations between services, reducing the cost to run your microservices.

Run containers anywhere, without limits

WEKA provides a single data platform that delivers the scale, simplicity, and speed your containerized workloads need wherever you need them – in the data center, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Run Containerized Workloads Anywhere

Deploy and scale your containerized applications anywhere – in the data center, at the edge, or in the cloud.

In Any Cloud

Container Deployment In Any Cloud

The WEKA Data Platform provides unmatched performance and scale for your containerized workloads in any cloud – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud – so you have the flexibility to run workloads where they best meet your business goals.

In the Data Center

Container Deployment In the Data Center

In the data center, the WEKA Data Platform ensures every container service gets exactly the performance it needs. Your container deployments are easier to manage and scale seamlessly with your workloads.

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WEKA for Containerized Applications Conquers the Impossible