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How to Accelerate Your AI/ML Journey

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Data Platform for AI, Machine Learning, & Deep Learning

Streamlined dataops and storage for AI and ML applications

How WEKA Powers AI

​​A transformative framework for accelerated AI DataOps​

WEKA is a production-ready HPC and AI storage solution where the entire AI data pipeline workflow can be run on the same platform, whether on-prem or in the public cloud. Powering complex AI pipelines with WEKA’s data platform for AI streamlines cloud file systems, combining multiple sources into a single high-performance computing system.

WEKA Delivers a Data Platform for Next-Gen AI Workloads

High-performance data pipelines are powering innovation by leveraging large data sets for rapid access to insights and faster decision-making.

“WEKA cost-effectively enables both the use of POSIX and object storage with performance and latency that is far superior to any other solution.”

Bridget Collins, Chief Information Officer, Cerence

AI/ML Buyer’s Guide

AI technologies are rapidly evolving, transforming industries in profound ways. Machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics are becoming integral parts of business operations, enhancing decision-making, automating processes, and driving efficiency. As AI algorithms become more advanced and accessible, organizations are harnessing their power to analyze enormous datasets, personalize user experiences, optimize supply chains, and even make strides in scientific research.

Don’t let lots of small files slow down your AI projects

Becoming a data-driven company not only requires you to expand your data storage capacity, but also to adapt to significant changes in data types and data size. One of the challenges is the rise and growing importance of applications that use lots of small files (LOSF). Despite the unassuming acronym, these can be quite a challenge for your legacy data infrastructure.

Accelerate your AI Data Pipelines

WEKA has built a software-defined Data Platform that leverages cutting-edge cloud, compute, storage, and fast networking technologies to unleash the value of your data. WEKA Data Platform delivers consistent lightning-fast access to data at terabytes to exabytes scale when needed across the AI workflow.


​​Industries our AI Data Platform​ Benefits

​​Life Sciences

Accelerate next-generation sequencing, microscopy or bio-imaging data pipelines. Lower the cost of research, and keep the data secure.

Federal Government

The WEKA data platform for AI helps federal agencies and research labs replace legacy parallel file systems, re-architect legacy NAS environments, and accelerate IoT/sensor and GPU/AI workloads.

​​Financial Services​

Unleash your financial data with high velocity analytics and HPC for machine learning applications.

AI Data Platform

Gain Insights On-Premises or in the Cloud. Wherever Your Data Lives.

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​Conquer the Impossible with WEKA​