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How to Accelerate Your AI/ML Journey

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Faster Time to Insights

Data Platform for AI, Machine Learning, & Deep Learning

Streamlined dataops and storage for AI and ML applications

How It Is Done

​​A transformative framework for accelerated AI DataOps​

WEKA is a production-ready HPC and AI storage solution where the entire AI data pipeline workflow can be run on the same platform, whether on-prem or in the public cloud.
Powering complex AI pipelines with WEKA’s data platform for AI streamlines cloud file systems, combining multiple sources into a single high-performance computing system.

​​High Performance & Low Latency for I/O Intensive Workloads

Reduces Epoch Times, While Delivering Lowest Inference Times

Flexible and Cost Efficient

​​​WEKA’s flexible deployment options make it more economical when running converged on the storage servers, such as GPU Servers, reducing hardware costs.​

​​​World-Class HPC for AI Performance at Scale

Industry’s Best GPUDirect Performance, 113GB/sec for a single DGX-2 and 162GB/sec for a single DGX-A100

Any Cloud, Any Location

WEKA is a software-defined storage solution enabling hybrid workflows for testing and production whether on-premises or in the cloud.

​​Security you can rely on​

​​Whether your data is In-Flight or At-Rest, WEKA Encryption has you covered for Data Compliance, and Governance​

“We looked at our legacy architecture and instead of taking an evolutionary step and upgrading every component, we took the revolutionary approach. WEKA cost-effectively enables both the use of POSIX and object storage with performance and latency that is far superior to any other solution.”

Bridget Collins, Chief Information Officer, Cerence

​​Industries our AI Data Platform​ Benefits

​​Life Sciences

Accelerate next-generation sequencing, microscopy or bio-imaging data pipelines. Lower the cost of research, and keep the data secure.

Federal Government

The WEKA data platform for AI helps federal agencies and research labs replace legacy parallel file systems, re-architect legacy NAS environments, and accelerate IoT/sensor and GPU/AI workloads.

​​Financial Services​

Unleash your financial data with high velocity analytics and HPC for machine learning applications.

AI Data Platform

Gain Insights On-Premises or in the Cloud. Wherever Your Data Lives.

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​Conquer the Impossible with WEKA​