WEKA for Generative AI

WEKA sets the gold standard for AI workloads in computer vision, natural language processing, and data analytics. Over 200 leading AI companies, including Stability AI, Midjourney, and WeRide, leverage the WEKA® Data Platform to supercharge their performance and cost efficiency.

Applied Digital Drives GPU Optimization with WEKA

Applied Digital has partnered with WEKA to improve GPU utilization and efficiency, deliver high-performance data storage and management capabilities, simplify data onboarding, and allow customers to seamlessly scale deployments ranging from a fraction of a GPU to tens of thousands of GPU servers.

“The rapid rise of generative AI has intensified demand for the GPUs required to build AI models and applications, but many businesses don’t want to deal with the complexity or expense of owning and housing them. Applied Digital’s AI Cloud Service offerings were created to improve that access, and the WEKA Data Platform has been key to helping our GPUs run more efficiently and cost-effectively at scale with exceptional performance – and pass those benefits on to our customers.”

– Mike Maniscalco, Chief Technology Officer, Applied Digital

The Cloud Data Platform for GenAI

The WEKA Data Platform provides the fastest, most scalable file system for generative AI, delivering performance developers expect and the scalability and simplicity the cloud promises–for all stages of model development on any cloud.

When you manage your Generative AI data with WEKA you can achieve

Up to 7x performance improvement over alternative traditional and cloud native storage offerings.
data platform that can scale up and down.
Up to 65% reduction in cloud storage costs
Industry’s 1st multi-cloud data management platform
Up to 90% improvement in data pipeline velocity

WEKA® Data Platform Converged Mode

Learn how to face the challenge of keeping pace with constant innovation while maintaining cost control and advancing sustainability initiatives. Let us show you how WEKA can drive continuous innovation and optimize your operations to improve profits without compromising long-term environmental and social responsibility goals.

Why WEKA for Generative AI

For generative AI startups, managing cloud storage can be a significant hurdle to overcome. Storing the large amounts of data needed to train generative AI models in the cloud can be expensive and time consuming. With an easy-to-use cloud data platform, you can eliminate the complexity of storage management to save time, reduce costs, and improve productivity. This allows you to focus on developing innovative generative AI models instead of worrying about storage management.

The Performance Your Developers and Creators Need

WEKA delivers the speed, scale, and simplicity required by your performance-intensive generative AI workloads and makes your teams productive in the shortest time. WEKA delivers high IO, handles random IO patterns, AND lower latency for real-time processing, training, and inferencing.

Your Cloud of Choice, Even if It Changes

The WEKA Data Platform provides easiest infrastructure for performance-intensive workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Seamlessly move between cloud should the need arise and even move from cloud to on-premises.

Elastic Scale for Bursty AI Workloads

WEKA automatically scales up to meet the demands of workload spikes without having to implement additional infrastructure. And only WEKA seamlessly scales down after usage peaks so you don’t pay for capacity you don’t need.​ And WEKA supports and maximizes IO to Lambda and CoreWeave cloud-based on-demand GPUs.

Lots of Small Files, Zero Problems

The metadata challenges of storing and using millions of smaller files for model training can swamp other solutions and create data bottlenecks. The WEKA Data Platform’s patented data layout and virtual metadata servers distribute and parallelize all metadata and data across the cluster for incredibly low latency and high performance no matter the file size or number.

Eliminate Infrastructure Complexities

No matter what training data you need for text-to-video, text-to-audio, text-to-code, or other variations of generative AI, WEKA can accelerate and simplify its use in a variety of formats, including images, video, text, and audio to deliver unbeatable file storage performance at any scale for your most demanding model development.

How it works

Story telling

The WEKA Data Platform is software-only, high-performance, file-based storage solution designed to be highly scalable and easy to deploy, configure, manage, and expand. With a focus on speed, simplicity, scale, and sustainability, WEKA is a data platform designed for the cloud and AI era.

Unique Data Challenges for Generative AI

WEKA makes it possible to avoid complex investments in infrastructure and get your teams productive in the shortest amount of time. Whether you are developing next-gen assistants, virtual reality applications, video games, or advertising campaigns, the WEKA Data Platform will simplify your cloud data infrastructure so you can eliminate data silos, accelerate performance, and focus on creating models for more realistic and engaging content.


​​Wherever you cloud, we’ve got you​

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