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See how U2 is once again pushing the boundaries of live entertainment to previously impossible heights with its U2:UV Achtung Baby residency at the state-of-the-art Sphere powered by WEKA.

We Solve Complex Data Challenges to Make the Impossible, Possible

Baylor College of Medicine’s Aiden Lab is building a 3D-DNA pipeline to explore genomes at the cellular level and fuel a new frontier of genomic research.
Untold Studios untethered its creative artists by moving its VFX studio to the cloud, enabling them to work on massive media & entertainment projects from anywhere in the world.
TRE ALTAMIRA is powering fast detection of geohazards and measuring ground and structural movement – from space.
TuSimple is training advanced AI and ML models to develop an autonomous trucking fleet that can power dock-to-dock delivery of commercial goods.
Mellanox uses electronic design automation (EDA) workflows to accelerate its research and development and enhance its products.
WeRide is leveraging the benefits of hybrid cloud to power its GPU farm more efficiently and pioneer the future of AI-powered autonomous transportation.

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“​​I looked at a lot of storage systems in AWS and chose WEKA because of the ability to tier to S3 storage for best cost given the volume of data we are creating.​”
​​Samuel Reid, Head of Technology, Untold Studios​
“​​We needed to replicate our on-premises high performance computing environment in the cloud to be more scalable and more agile. WEKA and AWS enabled us to deliver a highly performant and compatible cloud environment which researchers could tell the difference in operations. By using the WEKA and AWS, we’re able to deliver breakthrough results for our customers faster.​”
​​Arnold De Leon, Operations Manager, 23andMe​
“Getting WEKA up and running was so easy, so fast. It just felt so slick. But I wasn’t really expecting what I saw once we ran performance metrics. I’ve never seen anything like it. Without WEKA, my life would be much harder, and my job as a studio technologist would be incredibly difficult.”
​​Alan McSeveney, Head of Technology, Preymaker​
“We have a solution that will work for the next 3 to 4 years as we grow. There were no complaints about the storage – it all just worked, and that to us is a big win”
​​Helen Cooper, Lab Facilities Manager, Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI
“We are using the WEKA shared file system on AWS instead of Lustre for its stability and stellar support for our geospatial workflows. Using WEKA, demanding analyses that used to take 2-3 months, are completed in less than 2 weeks.”
​​Alessandro Menegaz, Cloud IT Manager, Tre Altamira​
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