Baylor College of Medicine’s Aiden Lab Chooses WEKA to Accelerate Genomics Research

The lab benefits from implementing the world’s fastest file system to underpin genomics research at scale

CAMPBELL, Calif. – September 17th, 2019 WekaIO, the innovation leader in high-performance, scalable file storage for data-intensive applications, today announced that the Aiden Lab at Baylor College of Medicine, a leading genome research facility, has selected the Weka File System (WekaFS™) to accelerate its genomics research. Aiden Lab chose WekaFS to improve application performance and storage efficiency to accelerate I/O operations in its GPU cluster.

Aiden Lab is part of the Center for Genome Architecture at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. The Center explores all aspects of genome structure – from the 1D sequence of the bases to the 3D folding that enables them to fit inside the nucleus of a cell. Aiden Lab is the 3D genome mapping center for the ENCyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) Project at the US National Institutes of Health. The lab also forms part of the National Science Foundation Center for Theoretical Biological Physics and is a member of the 4D Nucleome Consortium and the Mouse Regulome Consortium. The Center supports the work of the DNA Zoo project, a consortium focused on facilitating nonhuman conservation efforts through the rapid generation and release of high-quality genomics resources.

Aiden Lab selected WekaFS over alternatives for its 3D-DNA pipeline, which generates genome assemblies, because it was three times faster.

“The Aiden Lab cluster required a new solution to improve application performance and facilitate the deployment of a high-performance file system in a cloud computing environment. We required a solution that could support the team and their research related to Genome Architecture and needed a system to keep up with our workload,” said David Weisz, lead scientific programmer, Aiden Lab at Baylor College of Medicine.

“Our customers with high I/O requirements, like Aiden Lab at Baylor College of Medicine, are looking for alternatives to GPFS to improve application performance, while at the same time run the workflow effectively in the cloud, and WekaFS offers this winning combination,” said Glenn Wallin, senior sales executive, NordStar Group. “Being a member of the WekaIO Innovation Network (WIN) program affords us the ability to offer the WekaFS modern file system to better assist life sciences organizations in Texas to adapt to their rapidly changing digital technical environments.”

“Aiden Lab is leading the charge on the research front by using our technology leadership to deliver application performance far superior to that of any legacy parallel file system. WekaFS has delivered a 3x improvement in performance at Aiden Lab and is enabling it to use its cloud infrastructure more effectively. WekaFS will improve overall productivity and empower researchers to become more efficient at analyzing results,” said Liran Zvibel, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, WekaIO.

For more information on the DNA Zoo project, go to https://www.dnazoo.org/.

For more information on the WekaIO Innovation Network, a global partner program, go to https://www.weka.io/partners/

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