WEKA and NVIDIA Help Enterprises Streamline AI Initiatives

WEKA was among the first companies to implement, qualify, and use NVIDIA GPUDirect® Storage (GDS), was one of the first DGX BasePOD-certified data stores in 2021, and has assisted NVIDIA with scaling its networking architectures to expand its enterprise customer footprint.

Embrace Modern AI Workloads with Ease

The WEKA Data Platform with NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ reference architecture delivers the flexibility to scale resources based on evolving computational needs and provides cost-efficient, streamlined management.

Accelerate Performance with Dynamic Data Pipelines

Pairing NVIDIA GPUs and networking technologies with the WEKA Data Platform, the WEKA with NVIDIA DGX BasePOD reference architecture delivers enhanced performance for diverse AI workloads and fosters faster model training and deployment.

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The WEKA Data Platform provides the critical data infrastructure foundation required to support next-generation, performance-intensive workloads. Its advanced, software-based architecture transforms stagnant data storage silos into dynamic data pipelines that help to fuel data-starved GPUs more efficiently and powers AI workloads seamlessly and sustainably, on-premises, in the cloud, at the edge, or in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

WEKA Powers Next-Gen Workloads and Optimizes Data Infrastructure Investments

Get Those GPUs Working

The rack-dense architecture delivers massive throughput, starting at 600GB/s and 22M IOPs in 8 rack units to ensure maximum utilization of the DGX H100 systems.


Extreme Performance

Delivers 10x the bandwidth and 6x more IOPs for the most demanding AI workloads

Best-of-Breed Components

Utilizes powerful Intel® Xeon® processors, NVIDIA ConnectX-7 NICs, NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand switches, and NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet switches

Optimal Efficiency

8 node, 1U rack-dense configuration delivers performance to meet the needs of up to 16 DGX H100 systems in a space- and energy-efficient footprint

Excellent Linear Scaling

WEKA’s integration with the architecture of the DGX BasePOD helps organizations start small and then scale up compute and storage resources

Turnkey Choice and Flexibility

WEKA Data Platform software with DGX BasePOD, powered by the latest DGX systems, drives technologies and facilitates a time-to-market advantage

Move Into the Future

Get the performance you need to accelerate AI adoption and achieve faster time to insights, discoveries, and outcomes with the BasePOD and WEKA.

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