WekaIO + Arch Technologies Platform: Building a VFX Studio In the Cloud in Under 45 Minutes


WEKA and Arch Platform Technologies has teamed up to offer WekaFS, the fastest multi-protocol compliant file system on the AWS cloud. WekaFS delivers very high streaming bandwidth to the most demanding applications such as Autodesk Flame, while maintaining low latency between the workstations and the storage system. WekaFS has demonstrated it has the ability to main performance and keep up with high frame rates and high bit-depth workflows. The following customer commented sums up the power of WEKA’s high performance storage system on AWS.

WekaFS offers a multi-protocol POSIX-compliant file system with full file shareability and file locking across different operating systems. Windows, Mac, and Linux users can access and share a single project set allowing for easy collaboration among creative teams.

Arch Platform Technologies provides the entertainment industry’s only full cloud resource orchestration platform for visual effects, post-production, and virtual production. Arch has built out cloud resources for studios and post-production companies alike – from boutique studios born in the cloud to major VFX facilities with hundreds of user seats.