Introducing WEKApod™


Meet the WEKApod Data Platform Appliance that offers an exceptional, highly performant data management foundation for NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD deployments. It also provides efficient write performance for AI model checkpointing, delivering superior training efficiency, scalability, enterprise-grade resiliency, and support for real-time applications.

WEKApod delivers all the capabilities of WEKA’s Data Platform software in an easy-to-deploy appliance for enterprise AI, generative AI, and GPU cloud customers.

Key benefits include: Class-Leading Performance: a single cluster can deliver up to 18,300,000 IOPs Maximum Efficiency for Improved Sustainability: WEKA customers to decrease their carbon footprint by up to 260 tons of CO2e per petabyte stored Ultimate Choice of Deployment Options: On-Premises and in Hyperscaler, Hybrid, and GPU Clouds with the WEKA Data Platform.

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