Leadership is about combining a compelling vision with action. Take any human endeavor. In sports, chess, politics, or business, leaders stand out because they have a vision for the future, and they act purposefully on that vision. In technology, leaders focus on their customers’ success and also recognize they play a wider role in driving global advancements for humanity. This is particularly true amidst the current explosion in AI-enabled applications. Equally important to developing AI infrastructure that offers speed, scalability, and simplicity, leaders must have a strong vision for using AI more responsibly and sustainably.  At WEKA, we’re proud to share this vision with our customer and partner NexGen Cloud, a GPU Cloud provider in the rising infrastructure-as-a-service space, and equally proud to share how NexGen Cloud is using WEKA to power its GPU Cloud offerings and advance its mission to democratize AI, deliver GPU infrastructure for the masses, and build sustainable AI infrastructure to help address AI’s growing environmental footprint.

Enabling the Democratization of AI

NexGen Cloud was founded on the principle of providing AI infrastructure to the masses to level the playing field for AI innovation. The goal is to provide an ecosystem of AI infrastructure and services that enable the next generation of companies to build their AI-powered services and grow and scale their businesses. NexGen Cloud understands that enabling true AI democratization requires several things not currently available in the market today. First, the fastest AI infrastructure has to be broadly accessible. It has to seamlessly scale from small research projects to global enterprise projects. Customers need to have true cost transparency with no hidden surprises. Finally, all this infrastructure must be built to factor in what the next wave of future AI applications will require.

The WEKA Data Platform makes it possible for NexGen Cloud to deliver on this mission with a single software solution that delivers the fastest data performance on the planet for GPU clouds.  NexGen Cloud relies on WEKA’s elastic scaling capabilities to seamlessly support AI model development and AI applications of literally any size. WEKA deployments scale up or down just as easily, so NexGen Cloud maintains full control over costs. NexGen Cloud will also rely on the unique flexibility WEKA offers to enable novel AI development techniques well into the future. While large language models (LLMs) and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) might be all the rage now, coming soon will be small language models (SLMs), and multi-modal deployments, and it’s likely AI researchers will come up with newer techniques in the coming months to enable even faster, more reliable AI applications in the future. The infinite flexibility WEKA provides to handle any type of performance-intensive workload means that NexGen Cloud has the ability to support the AI applications and techniques of today and can easily support whatever comes in the future.

Delivering GPU Infrastructure for the Masses

Enabling the democratization of AI requires delivering the affordable and fast GPU infrastructure that is vital for running AI workloads. This starts with providing affordable access to the latest GPUs, which NexGen Cloud offers via its Hyperstack platform and forthcoming AI supercloud. NexGen Cloud also understands that GPU Cloud infrastructure is orders of magnitude more complex to design, build, and operate. The combination of density and scale required in the infrastructure stack for compute, network, and storage is unlike anything previously built either in a data center or offered by a traditional cloud provider. Customer expectations for performance, scale, and availability are much higher in GPU Clouds than in any other environment. They expect line rate performance, zero resource contention, and sub-millisecond latency. AI builders are also seeking to avoid the overhead associated with more traditional cloud design principles that assume oversubscription and underutilization of the infrastructure. As a result, leading AI model builders and application developers alike are quickly turning to GPU Cloud providers like NexGen Cloud to completely redefine the cloud and what workloads it can handle – with an AI-first approach.

The WEKA Data Platform enables NexGen Cloud to deliver the level of performance customers require today and in the future. The software requires zero tuning to meet every application profile – across high IO, low latency, high bandwidth, and any mixture of file types. This simplifies operations for the NexGen Cloud team and ensures their customers get the performance they need no matter the job. The WEKA platform enables GPUs to run up to 20x faster to maximize data center efficiency. The software-based, hardware-agnostic approach provided by WEKA enables more flexibility in the hardware supply chain, which also helps reduce costs.

Building Sustainable AI Infrastructure…that is Fast and Efficient

GPU infrastructure is the most power-intensive segment of the data center, making it a huge focus for sustainability efforts as AI’s global energy consumption grows. As providers build and scale their GPU infrastructure to support a global audience, developing data centers with power efficiency and sustainability in mind is critical to the long-term success of the business and to the health of our planet. To meet this objective, every single data center built by NexGen Cloud is powered by 100% renewable energy. Further, the GPU efficiency provided by the WEKA Data Platform means NexGen Cloud customers complete their AI model training faster, enabling customers to do more in less time while saving energy.

The Next Generation of AI Innovation

At WEKA, we’re incredibly excited to work with NexGen Cloud to build the next generation of infrastructure that will continue to drive the AI revolution for the next decade and beyond. Unlike many other providers, we recognize that while the AI “puck” has only just dropped, we’ve anticipated it for many years and built a solution that will help drive the coming revolution of safe, accessible, sustainable, and affordable AI innovation.

See how NexGen Cloud is Democratizing AI with GPU Cloud Services Powered by WEKA:

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