The State of AI and Analytics Infrastructure 2021

What is the predominant strategy for AI, from frameworks to deployment models, databases, and infrastructure? Is cloud adoption within one vertical or geography different from others? What is the biggest impact COVID-19 has had on priorities and spending?

Over the last few weeks we surveyed over 500 IT/Technology, Engineering/Research, and Data Science professionals from various industries about their current AI and Analytics strategies.

The market survey will give you insights into:

  • AI model development strategy
  • The link between spending on AI and cloud infrastructure
  • Tested and accepted strategies for sourcing, managing and storing massive amounts of data
  • Drivers for AI and cloud adoption
  • Preferred cloud service providers and adoption trends in different geographies
  • GPU usage in production and pilot environments by industry
  • COVID-19 effects on accelerated movement to the cloud
The State of AI and Analytics Infrastructure 2021
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