The Economic Value of WEKA in the Cloud

The Economic Value of WEKA in the Cloud

As organizations shift workloads to the cloud for AI, HPC, and other performance-intensive applications, the traditional data infrastructures are breaking. Forward-looking organizations are looking for a new way forward to enable data to power AI initiatives from model development, training, and tuning through to inference.

Key stats:

reduction in data operations staff

reduction in cloud storage costs

Increased revenue as much as 20%

Up to 260
tons of CO2 carbon offset per petabyte (PB) stored

Up to 64% increase in performance for high-performance storage-based applications

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently looked at how organizations use the WEKA Data Platform to transform their AI infrastructure and unleash the power of their data.
Here’s what they found:

Driving New
Revenue Streams

WEKA customers increase their top-line revenue by taking on more work than was previously possible.

“Because of WEKA, we can take on more work as well as do our current work faster.”

Increased revenue
up to 20%

90% reduction in AI/ML model training times

the Cloud

Customers use WEKA to run even the most demanding workloads in the cloud, solving the #1 reason why customers choose not to migrate workloads to the cloud.

“WEKA was the only offering that could meet our performance expectations...10x faster than [cloud native] alternatives."

“WEKA enables the cloud for us…without WEKA we could not have made the migration to the cloud because the cost would be untenable.”

Up to 10x increase in high-performance
storage-based applications

Enabling Collaboration that Delivers Results

Customers cite WEKA’s ability to transform how teams get work done by enabling faster, higher-quality collaboration on projects that rely on high data growth, massive scale and high-performance data sets.

“WEKA has changed the way that our teams work. We have been able to shift much of our focus to activities that help our business units get value from our data.”

“Our industry is extremely structured. If we can’t get the work done according to schedule, we start paying time and a half to our artists. WEKA helps us ensure they have the media resources they need whenever and wherever they need them.”

Saving on Cloud Costs

Finally, customers revealed that WEKA helped to reduce costs in the cloud to such an extent the savings had a meaningful impact on their bottom line.

“With WEKA, our costs dropped by 25% compared with our previous solution. We are in an industry where a 3% profit is expected. We can use WEKA to squeeze an extra percentage point in our profit, which is huge.

“WEKA’s intelligent tiering allowed us to move two-thirds of our data to cost-optimized tiers with no degradation in performance.”

“WEKA’s ability to scale both up and down almost instantly allows us to approach our business needs without concern.”

“Whatever we need, WEKA gives us the resources when we need them without forcing us to pay for capacity that we might not use.

Up 64%
reduction in data operations staff

38% reduction
in cloud
storage costs

Improved profitability
up to 1%