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Why They Chose WEKA

Sustainable Metal Cloud (SMC) is an AI cloud and GPU service provider based in Singapore, on a mission to enable anyone to innovate with AI sustainably. SMC’s infrastructure arm, Firmus, was launched nearly a decade ago as a research project focused on building the world’s first Sustainable AI Factory: HyperCube.

SMC recently selected the WEKA® Data Platform for its sustainability benefits, and flexible software approach, and its high-performance data pipeline-oriented architecture to support its omniverse GPU clusters for deep learning applications and robust enterprise AI training and inference tools at scale.

  • AI/ML
  • GPU Cloud
  • APAC

“The WEKA Data Platform allows us to offer our customers the world’s best storage performance at scale, with guaranteed power efficiency and zero performance compromises. The partnership will enable us to support sustainable AI practices for our customers now and in the future. We’re excited to grow our partnership with WEKA and develop new value-added solutions for SMC customers in the future.”

Tim Rosenfield, Co-CEO
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