WekaIO Delivers Record-Breaking Performance Results on SPEC 2014

Achieving 2X Performance Improvement Over Legacy Parallel File Systems

SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 3, 2018 – WekaIO, the leader in high performance, scalable file storage for data intensive applications, today released independent SPEC SFS® 2014 test results, which substantiate its claim that WekaIO is the world’s fastest parallel file system. With record-breaking performance, WekaIO beat all previously submitted dedicated appliance results by 2X, reaching 1200 simultaneous software builds.

The solution under test was a standard WekaIO Matrix™ enabled cluster in dedicated appliance mode utilizing commercially available storage server infrastructure. The software is capable of handling both large file I/O as well as small file random I/O and metadata intensive applications such as AI and technical compute workloads. No specialized tuning was required for different or mixed-use workloads.

The SPEC SFS® 2014 results were measured on just four BigTwin™ systems from Supermicro, with Micron NVMe drives and Mellanox 100Gb/s networking. Using off the shelf industry-standard components, WekaIO’s software achieved 1200 simultaneous software builds and 600K IOPS at 1 millisecond overall response time, beating a combination of IBM Spectrum Scale™ 5.0 with NVMe-over-fabrics appliance by 2X.

“We couldn’t be better positioned to support artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, research, and high performance computing (HPC) workloads,” said Liran Zvibel, CEO and Co-founder of WekaIO. “WekaIO previously shattered the record by delivering 1000 software builds running on r3.8xlarge instances on AWS. We wanted to be the first company to show that we can deliver exceptional performance on any server platform, on-premises or in the cloud. We believe these results show our solution is uniquely positioned to be the best storage for future hybrid infrastructure.”

“With this SPEC SFS benchmark, WekaIO has proven that they can provide industry leading performance using our BigTwin server systems,” said Michael McNerney, Vice-President, Software Solutions and Network Security at Supermicro. “This benchmark also gives further testament to how Supermicro BigTwin systems deliver incredible performance with low latency and extra bandwidth for intense workloads. In fact, storage performance is accelerated with native NVMe-over-fabrics support for all-flash NVMe drives.”

“We are delighted to partner with WekaIO,” said Rob Davis, Vice President of Storage Technology Mellanox. “The latest SPEC SFS results for WekaIO indicate that Ethernet based storage services across a distributed shared network powered by Spectrum switches and ConnectX NICs, can deliver performance and latencies that are significantly better than legacy architectures such as Fibre Channel.”

To see the full report, go to SPEC SFS: https://www.spec.org/sfs2014/results/res2018q1/sfs2014-20180225-00038.html

About WekaIO
WekaIO is the unmatched performance leader in massively scalable file storage for data intensive applications including AI and technical computing. WekaIO Matrix, our NVMe-native, resilient, POSIX compliant file system leverages commodity servers to deliver the highest bandwidth, lowest latency performance to any InfiniBand or Ethernet enabled GPU or CPU based cluster. Matrix software is ideal for deep learning, genomics, financial analytics and high performance computing.

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