We’re continually inspired by our customers and the complex data challenges they’re overcoming to make what was previously impossible possible. In this blog series, we’ll spotlight the stories of some of our newest customers and share why they chose WEKA.

Kicking off our new customer spotlight series is Yotta Data Services, an innovative end-to-end digital transformation enabler based in Mumbai, India.

Yotta’s GPU-as-a-Service, CPU-as-a-Service, and Cloud-as-a-Service offerings are poised to help AI innovators capitalize on the exploding AI opportunity in India while mitigating its impacts on the nation’s growing energy and pollution crises through the use of sustainable AI practices.

Why They’re Cool
If you’ve been following AI industry news lately, Yotta’s name might ring a bell. That’s because they recently made some big headlines at a little conference you may have heard of called NVIDIA GTC.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang presenting at NVIDIA GTC 2024

Yotta’s ability to drastically reduce the costs associated with large-scale AI model training and inference makes it unique. The company’s Shakti Cloud service will deliver some of the most affordable rates in the world — as low as $2—$5 per GPU per hour — enabling Yotta customers to run real-time generative AI on trillion-parameter large language models at up to 25x less cost to scale enterprise AI initiatives quickly – without sacrificing sustainability.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang with Yotta Co-Founder, MD & CEO Sunil Gupta and the Yotta team at GTC 2024

Why They Chose WEKA
When we asked Yotta cofounder and CEO Sunil Gupta about why he chose to partner with WEKA, he called out the WEKA Data Platform’s ability to deliver exceptional high performance at scale and sustainability benefits as key selling points:

“To meet NVIDIA’s reference architecture standards, everything must be absolutely top-notch, whether it’s compute, networking, or storage. This is because when training AI models, you need all three working at high speeds to push data to the GPUs for processing; otherwise, the system bottlenecks. In our evaluation, the WEKA Data Platform was an excellent offering across every dimension — from product fit to meet our and NVIDIA’s exacting standards, its ability to fulfill and deliver on its promises to Yotta, and its commitment to sustainable AI practices that help to improve GPU efficiency and reduce associated energy consumption.

WEKA has proven to be an excellent partner and is a great fit for our rapidly growing AI requirements. We’re excited to see the full extent of what Yotta and WEKA can achieve together in the future.”

Yotta will use the WEKA Data Platform as the high-performance storage and data processing layer underpinning its new Shakti Cloud AI-HPC supercomputer, deployed at its NM1 data center in Mumbai. The supercomputer, which will roll out this year, will comprise 16,000+ NVIDIA H100 and Blackwell GPUs, a footprint the company expects to double by the end of 2025.

Watch this Space
WEKA is thrilled to be teaming with Yotta to support the development and rollout of Shakti Cloud in 2024 and beyond. To learn more or sign up, visit www.shakticloud.ai.

We love our customers and we can’t wait to share more of their inspiring stories with you. Check back often for more!

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