At WEKA, we believe in the power of transformative technologies. It’s one of the principles that led our founders to create a fundamentally different approach to managing data. One that would eliminate the compromise between scale, speed, simplicity, and sustainability that customers are forced to make today.

But let’s admit it, in the tech industry, “transformation” is thrown around far too frequently, by far too many companies, promising things it’s not clear they can deliver, or zhuzhing up minor changes as revolutionary. Customers considering what, when, and where to bring new technologies into their IT estate are smart to be skeptical and adopt the “show me state” motto.

At WEKA we love helping our customers power their data-driven transformations, be it fueling AI-powered manufacturing processes, more accurately predicting customer churn, honing technical systems design, accelerating genomic research, or being first to market with new generative AI products. But we know that you may not always take our word for it.

With this in mind, we’re excited to share the latest Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Economic Validation Report: Analyzing the Benefits of the WEKA Data Platform for Cloud Workloads. The report provides a quantitative and qualitative view – backed by market research and customer interviews – into the benefits organizations can expect from using the WEKA® Data Platform for next-generation workloads in the cloud. While it comes as no surprise to us, customers articulated some astounding results about how WEKA is truly transforming their businesses.

Transformational Benefits

of WEKA in the Cloud

Up to 64% reduction in data operations FTEs
Increased revenue of 1% (conservatively)
reduction in cloud storage costs
Up to 10x increase in high-performance storage-based applications
260 tons
Saved up to 260 tons of CO2 per petabyte (PB) of cloud environment

Source: Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Economic Validation Report: Analyzing the Benefits of the WEKA Data Platform for Cloud Workloads.

Enabling the Cloud

During interviews, WEKA customers indicated they are able to run even their most performance-intensive workloads in the cloud. Some customers indicated they are even able to consider workloads in the cloud that would not have been possible with any other approach.

Driving New Revenue Stream

The performance improvements customers saw in their underlying data infrastructure, combined with the dramatic increase in project velocity enables customers to complete projects faster by literally orders of magnitude. While the acceleration in project times ESG found in their study is impressive, the study further revealed WEKA customers are able to take advantage of these efficiencies to open up new revenue streams by taking on work they would not have otherwise considered – true business transformation.

Enabling Collaboration that Delivers Results

Customers also cited WEKA’s ability to transform how teams get work done by enabling faster, higher-quality collaboration on projects that rely on high data gravity, massive scale, and high-performance data sets.

Saving on Cloud Costs

Finally, customers revealed that WEKA helped to reduce costs in the cloud to such an extent that the savings had a meaningful impact on their bottom line. Of course, most vendors claim they will save their customers money, but when you dive into the details customers cite for how they achieve these cost savings, you start to see how truly transformational WEKA in the cloud is.

The “aha” or in WEKA’s case, the “holy c$%p!” moment

Taken individually, any one of these benefits is highly impactful to our customers. When customers combine the ability to run their “impossible” workloads in the cloud, enable high-quality collaboration, drive new revenue streams, and reduce costs, they are finding WEKA to be truly transformative for their business.

One of the best moments for any “Wekkie” is that moment (it’s usually around item #3 of the benefits identified by ESG) when a customer realizes just how many things are now possible with WEKA that simply were not before. Not only are those things now possible, but they’re actually really easy to achieve, and they enable things that the customer never even thought to try. That’s a truly transformational technology. We’ve seen this impact on our customers firsthand. Now we’re thrilled to share ESG’s perspective on how WEKA can help you transform your business.

So we encourage you to have a look at how ESG has evaluated the WEKA Data Platform and suggest you use this report in a couple of different ways. First, use it to get an idea of the economic value WEKA can deliver for your next-generation workloads in the cloud. Next, think about how customers say WEKA is helping them transform their business. Then read this report with a mind toward the seemingly impossible things you’re trying to do in the cloud – it’s a good bet WEKA can make them real with ease.

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