10 Reasons a Modern Parallel File System Can Solve Big Storage Problems

Barbara Murphy. July 28, 2020
10 Reasons a Modern Parallel File System Can Solve Big Storage Problems

WekaFS™  is a High-Performance, Scalable Parallel File System That Solves Today’s Biggest Storage Problems That Hold Back Discovery and Innovation

Predicting storage requirements for new applications and workloads is an IT nightmare as often little is known about the application profiles, the I/O patterns, or the predicted data sizes. Infrastructure performance for compute and storage is often the difference between winning the race to market or being left behind. Traditional enterprise NAS appliances no longer deliver a competitive advantage; while easy to deploy, these systems were not designed for the performance and scale required by modern workloads. Simply adding an NVMe flash tier improves performance on legacy protocols such as NFS and SMB, but it does not come close to meeting the needs of dense compute environments. Just adding a flash tier is analogous to trying to extinguish a house fire with two garden hoses when what you really need is a heavy-duty fire hose specifically designed to do the job.

What is needed is a better approach that delivers dynamic and independent scaling of performance and capacity. Weka’s parallel file system software, WekaFS, has emphatically proven that it delivers the best small and large file performance at ultra-low latencies, all while not compromising on enterprise features that ensure data security and availability.

1.Improve Time to Results by 10x and More

WekaFS is a POSIX-compliant file system that is built from a clean-sheet design to leverage the power of flash technology. WekaFS is the world’s fastest file system, proven on many independently audited benchmarks. Customers have measured huge improvements in application performance, resulting in faster insights, quicker time to market and huge improvements in infrastructure efficiency.

2. Once and Done Setup—No Tuning Required


WekaFS is ideally suited for the challenges of mixed workloads—large and small files, random and sequential access, structured and unstructured data. The software has been engineered so that no tuning is required for one workload or another. All workloads will see great performance and IT administrators can focus on managing the work.

3. Save Dollars While Scaling Infinitely

WekaFS can scale the system to exabytes of cloud storage while eliminating infrastructure complexity by extending the file system namespace to include any S3 compatible object store (public or private). Your applications never lose access to the data, and you can maintain working data sets on NVMe flash storage and leverage a long-term data lake with hard disks for the best economics.

4. Manage Your Users and Data with One Enterprise-Rich Solution

WekaFS comes with a rich enterprise feature set, including snapshots, cloning, encryption (at rest and in flight), Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) support, server authentication, LDAP support, Active Directory integration, organizational multi-tenancy, network high availability, data protection, backup to the cloud, disaster recovery, quotas, cloud-bursting, cross-protocol file sharing, and much more. And it is all included in your license—there are no hidden costs for feature usage.

5. You Don’t Have to be a PhD to Run a High Performance Environment

WekaFS is the simplest to deploy and manage parallel file system available. is available fully pre-configured and tested from some of the most respected server manufacturers as the file system component of a turn-key reference architecture so deployment is as easy as any appliance. Once in production, the Weka storage solution can manage hundreds of petabytes from the WekaFS GUI or integrate with DevOps monitoring tools such as Prometheus and Grafana.

6. Run Your Application Workloads Where You Want

Deploy WekaFS on premises and burst to the cloud for compute elasticity or run natively in the public cloud. Leverage Weka’s Kubernetes plug-in for data and application cloud liquidity. Move data and software license(s) to the public cloud and back without business limitation. Enjoy WekaFS with complete freedom from hardware lock-in and limitations in infrastructure choice caused by the hardware drag that is common with NAS vendors.

7. There is Only One WekaFS

WekaFS is software only and can be flexibly deployed to fit your environment and budget. Many customers like to run WekaFS converged with applications in a single cluster to leverage local NVMe drives while others prefer to run WekaFS in a dedicated appliance configuration. Either way, the same software runs on-premises or in the cloud and bursts between the two environments, so you are always cloud-ready.

8. Share One Copy of Data Across All Users and Applications

Some solutions offer multiple protocols, but you can’t share the data between them. Eliminate silos of data trapped in separate islands of NAS infrastructure. WekaFS supports POSIX, NFS, SMB, S3 via gateway, and NVIDIA® GPUDirect® Storage (GDS). Data is fully sharable between all the protocols.

9. You Have a Preferred Hardware Vendor? You Choose Your Partner

No need to sign on new vendor relationships, keep buying from your preferred source. WekaFS has been rigorously tested on multiple server platforms from the top server vendors and the software can be purchased as an integrated solution. Weka actively tests interoperability with the processor, SSD, networking, and object storage solutions to ensure best performance and compatibility. In addition, Weka is thoroughly tested with CPU and GPU-based application servers and applications for continuous performance improvements.

10. Pay-as-you-Go, Not Five Years in Advance

Imagine not having to tie up company money years in advance of using a product. Imagine only paying for the software you use and never again being tied down to a support contract. Our outstanding technical support comes with included with your annual subscription.

About WekaIO
Weka offers WekaFS, the modern parallel & distributed file system that uniquely empowers organizations to solve the newest, biggest problems holding back innovation. Optimized for NVMe and the hybrid cloud, Weka handles the most demanding storage challenges in the most data-intensive technical computing environments, delivering truly epic performance at any scale. Its modern architecture unlocks the full capabilities of today’s data center, allowing businesses to maximize the value of their high-powered IT investments. Weka helps industry leaders reach breakthrough innovations and solve previously unsolvable problems.

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