The fastest most scalable storage solution on AWS.

Use AWS for more of your workloads

Run high performance applications on AWS

Deliver performance for your most demanding applications running in AWS with the world’s fastest cloud native data platform supporting high I/O, low latency, small files, and mixed workloads with zero tuning.

Seamlessly tier data in AWS

Intelligent tiering automatically moves data between high performance flash-based storage on Amazon EC2 instances to low cost, massively scalable object storage in Amazon S3, all in a single namespace for the best performance, scale, and economics.

Scale your data in AWS

Autoscaling enables you to add and remove high performance storage capacity on the fly to meet the needs of your most demanding applications without paying for resources you don’t use.

Move data to AWS

Send snapshots of a filesystem to any Amazon S3 object store for backup and disaster recovery. Full and incremental snapshots include metadata to enable seamless data portability between on-prem and AWS.

Burst data analysis to AWS

Maintain a usable copy of your on-premises data in your AWS environment, where you can use elastic compute resources to run calculations and analyses and gain new insights.

Build agile data pipelines in AWS

Your researchers, data scientists, creative teams, and more can collaborate faster by using a single copy of data optimized to meet the performance needs of every step in your workflow.



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