WEKA Sustainable AI Initiative

Solving for sustainable AI & efficiency challenges so society can harness its immense potential for good.

The Green Data Revolution Starts Here

WEKA is committed to raising awareness about the energy and carbon impact of performance-intensive solutions like AI, ML, and HPC; supporting AI and sustainable development goals that improve the efficiency of modern data environments. AI and environmental stability initiatives make nature-positive investments in reforestation and other programs that can help to reduce the harmful effects of greenhouse emissions generated by the world’s data centers.

Sustainable AI

Our Vision for Sustainable AI

AI, ML & HPC present a sustainability conundrum. WEKA is committed to finding solutions.

One Tree Planted Partnership

One Tree Planted Partnership

WEKA is investing in global reforestation projects to help support decarbonization worldwide.

Sustainable AI Solution

Sustainable AI Solution Brief

WEKA can help you save 260 tons of CO2e per PB & increase the efficiency of your AI & HPC environment.

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Accelerate Your Data Pipeline, Sustainably