WEKA + AWS = No More Compromises

Performance without Sacrificing Simplicity.
Speed On-Premises and in the Cloud.
Scale On-Demand.

WEKA Changes the Game on the AWS Cloud

Extreme Performance at Scale Without Breaking the Bank


Screaming Fast, Low Latency Performance for Your Challenging Applications.


Tier to S3 in a single namespace for Unlimited Scaling at the best cost.

Integrated Disk-Based Tiering

Share the Same Data Across Multiple Protocols - S3, NFS, SMB, POSIX, and NVIDIA® GPUDirect®.

Cloud Bursting

Burst from on-premises, or migrate workloads to AWS Outposts or the AWS cloud.


Scale-up and down performance on-demand with AWS Auto Scaling.


Easily Create Snapshots and Data Clones for Agile Development.


I looked at a lot of storage systems in AWS and chose WEKA because of the ability to tier to S3 storage for best cost given the volume of data we are creating. But ultimately the level of support that WEKA gave was the deciding factor.

Samuel Reid, Head of Technology, Untold StudiosWatch Now

If you’re not utilizing S3 well in the cloud, then you are missing a trick. WEKA’s ability to provide seamless, fully automated tiering into S3 was one of the big selling points for us.

Alan McSeveney, Head of TechnologyLearn More

The ability to write to S3 and read back very quickly using WEKA, changed our game a lot. We can now consider experiments that earlier, because of all these headaches, might have taken us 3 months, and now we can do these exact same experiments in less than 1 week

Jon Sorenson, Vice President, Technology DevelopmentWatch the Webinar

We are using the WEKA shared file system on AWS instead of Lustre for its stability and their stellar support for our geospatial workflows.

Alessandro Menegaz, Cloud IT Manager, Tre AltamiraWatch Video

Key Use Cases

  • Financial Services
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Media & Entertainment

Financial Services

Financial Services organizations rely on quantitative modeling
to help mitigate risk, detect fraud and develop new trading
algorithms. WEKA offers a modern cloud storage architecture
that delivers on-premises performance to the most demanding
I/O intensive workloads and latency-sensitive applications.
Used by leading quantitative trading companies, WEKA helps
them gain a competitive advantage and improve trading

Health & Life Sciences

Storing and analyzing large data sets in the cloud, whether it is
next-generation sequencing, imaging, or microscopy requires a
modern approach for faster insights and better economics.
WEKA accelerates time to insights by eliminating the
performance bottlenecks across the Life Sciences data
pipeline, while significantly reducing the cost and complexity of
managing data at scale.

Media & Entertainment

The AWS cloud is an ideal place to start your digital media production journey with infinite VFX compute and storage capacity at your fingertips to take on the biggest to
the smallest project. WEKA delivers the performance throughput to keep up with high frame rates and high bit-depth workflows. Artists can share a single data set between Mac and Windows applications – all served from a single data set. Built-in the AWS
cloud, it allows you to store your projects on S3 while getting the highest performance from its NVMe tier. Dropped frames become a thing of the past, play uncompiled or
unrendered content without a hiccup.

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