Unlock the full potential of your GPUs.

Take full advantage of the power of your GPUs

GPU-accelerated workloads are everywhere — in the data center, at the edge, and in the cloud. But data stalls, data management challenges, and disparate platforms make it challenging to keep GPU’s fully utilized for lower epoch times and faster time to insights. With WEKA, you accelerate every step of your GPU-powered data pipeline – from data ingestion to cleansing to modeling, training validation and inference – for accelerated business outcomes.


Let WEKA unlock the power of your GPUs

WEKA provides a data platform that easily handles concurrent high bandwidth and high IOP conditions with ease. By doing so, we increase utilization on the GPUs, eliminate the complexity of having to copy data between storage systems (and manage it) and create a more efficient high-performance pipeline.

Stop Copying Data

WEKA’s Data Platform for AI makes all data as fast as local, putting an end to copying and accelerating workflows, increasing utilization on the GPUs, and reducing the complexity of having to copy data between storage systems

Eliminate Data Silos

WEKA performs across all dimensions without the need for tuning or re-configuration, you can run any part of your pipeline on a single system, whether it requires massive IOPS with small reads and writes, or massive throughput and 10’s to 100’s of GB/sec

Enable Hybrid Workflows

WEKA’s Data Platform for AI was designed for the cloud but gives you the flexibility to deploy across core, edge or cloud. This gives you a consistent data platform across any environment, allows you to burst from on-premises to the cloud as needed.

WEKA State of AI report

The market survey report will give you insights into:

  • AI model development strategy
  • GPU usage in production and pilot environments by industry
  • Top GPU use cases by industry
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Faster research and drug discovery in the cloud

Watch the video and learn how WEKA and Amazon Web Services (AWS) helped biotech research company, Atomwise, successfully remove I/O bottlenecks to speed up its multiple AI training models, allowing researchers to significantly increase time to insight. Additionally, the increased performance allowed Atomwise to maximize the utilization of valuable GPU resources, leading to greater cost savings.

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