Life Sciences and Research

Speed Up Discovery While Reducing Cost for Life Sciences

Affordable, next-generation sequencing and bio-imaging backed by powerful analytics, is ushering in an era of precision medicine. High performance shared file storage is essential to transform the vast amounts of data into insights. The first flash-native parallel file system, WekaIO Matrix™ is ideal for the mixed storage workloads in Life Sciences, whether large or small files with random or sequential access patterns, Matrix eliminates performance bottlenecks and helps to significantly reduce the complexity and cost of managing high performance storage systems.

  • Accelerate Discovery with Low Latency, Flash Performance
  • Improve Patient Response Time with High Concurrency Access to Data
  • Improve Collaboration with Petascale Single Global Namespace
  • Stretch Funding Further with Integrated Tiering to Low Cost S3 Object Storage
  • Manage Peak Workloads with Cloud Bursting to AWS for On-Demand Compute

5 Reasons to Deploy WekaIO Matrix in Life Sciences

Accelerate discovery and improve patient outcomes with next-generation storage

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