If WEKA’s CTO had a Crystal Ball…

  • WEKA May 26, 2022
  • WEKA 25:43

Shimon Ben David, WEKA’s CTO, shares his journey starting at WEKA in Israel and moving over to the Bay Area to open the WEKA US office.

Unlike standard storage solutions, WEKA’s Data Platform is software-defined creating insane flexibility. As the industry advances, WEKA can pivot with it, making the future hard to predict.

We’re seeing an explosion of data and tons of changes in the market on multiple fronts from – mainstream AI, accelerators, containers, DevOps, cloud, hardware, and everything in between.

This rapid pace of innovation can make your head spin. Tune in for some clarity!

Guest Speaker

Shimon Ben David, WEKA’s CTO

If WEKA’s CTO had a Crystal Ball…
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