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Why They Chose WEKA

Yotta Data Services is a premier provider of GPU and CPU cloud service offerings based in Mumbai, helping innovative companies capitalize on the region’s exploding AI opportunity while mitigating its impacts on the nation’s growing energy and pollution crises.

Yotta recently selected the WEKA Data Platform to underpin its new Skakti Cloud AI supercomputer based on its ability to deliver exceptional high performance at scale with sustainability benefits.

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“In our evaluation, the WEKA Data Platform was an excellent offering across every dimension — from product fit to meet our and NVIDIA’s exacting standards, to its ability to fulfill and deliver on its promises to Yotta, and its commitment to sustainable AI practices that help to improve GPU efficiency and reduce associated energy consumption.

WEKA has proven to be an excellent partner and is a great fit for our rapidly growing AI requirements. We’re excited to see the full extent of what Yotta and WEKA can achieve together in the future.”

Sunil Gupta, Cofounder and CEO, Yotta
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