Weka Wins TechTarget Enterprise Data Storage 2019 Product of the Year Award

The Weka file system wins the Gold Award in the Storage System and Application Software category in Storage magazine and SearchStorage Products of the Year awards

Campbell, Calif., February 25th, 2020 – WekaIO™ (Weka), the innovation leader in high-performance, scalable file storage for data-intensive applications, today announced that it has been named product of the year in TechTarget’s Storage magazine and SearchStorage 2019 Products of the Year awards in the Storage System and Application Software category. Winners in this category address the demanding and growing data storage needs of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Presented by the editors of TechTarget’s Storage magazine and Storage Media websites, the awards were judged by the Storage magazine and SearchStorage editorial staff in conjunction with industry experts, analysts, and consultants. Winners in this category have delivered innovative features, such as support for containers or the addition of memory as storage, to improve data management and boost storage performance for AI/ML, which is growing in importance in today’s technology landscape.

TechTarget’s editorial staff added that there is a growing demand for faster data storage and management tools, and not just in the core data center. Vendors in this category recognize that customers need to support analytics at the edge to process data from IoT devices and are adding features to support AI workloads that require high-throughput, low-latency storage.

WekaFS™, Weka’s flagship product and the modern file system that is uniquely built for those who solve big problems, delivers the industry’s best performance at any scale. WekaFS is a shared, parallel file system that delivers the highest bandwidth, lowest-latency performance to any InfiniBand or Ethernet-enabled GPU or CPU-based cluster. The POSIX-compliant file system not only leverages an innovative, highly optimized software stack that utilizes modern architectures such as low-latency NVMe-oF and massively distributed metadata but also supports legacy protocols such as NFS and SMB. Additionally, encryption both at-rest and in-flight keeps data safe, while snapshots to AWS S3 facilitates use cases such as workload migration, disaster recovery, and archiving. WekaFS is purpose-built for use cases where high-performance parallel processing is essential, such as AI/ML, life sciences research, financial analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC). One judge commented that WekaIO is quickly establishing itself in that market and becoming “the vendor that most other vendors are worried about.”

“We are incredibly honored to receive this coveted award. Not only is it one of the industry’s highest recognitions, but we see it as a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation.  We deliver the modern file system that is uniquely built to solve big problems,” said Liran Zvibel, co-founder and chief executive officer at WekaIO. “Our continued high rate of customer adoption is the ultimate validation of our market superiority and better fit to solving real world big problems, but it’s great to have this endorsement from such a respected awards program. We are measured against some of the industry’s best known and established storage vendors, and the fact that we continually emerge as number one proves that our solution is providing the improvements in performance, scalability, and ease-of-use that customers need in today’s complex datacenter environments.”

Weka recently won first place in the Virtual Institute for I/O’s IO-500 10 Node Challenge, beating the world’s largest supercomputers, including the ones installed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Clemson University.

Winners were announced in the February 2020 issue of Storage magazine and online at SearchStorage.com.  There were 50 finalists from nearly 100 entrants in total. For a list of all the winners, visit https://searchstorage.techtarget.com/feature/Top-data-storage-and-management-tools-win-Products-of-the-Year.

About WekaIO
WekaIO offers the modern file system that is uniquely built to solve big problems, WekaFS, which leapfrogs legacy storage infrastructures by delivering unmatched performance at any scale while offering the same enterprise features and benefits of traditional storage. Weka tackles the most demanding storage performance challenges in data-intensive technical computing environments so that customers can solve today’s biggest problems that hold back innovation. Optimized for NVMe flash and hybrid cloud, WekaFS drastically reduces time-to-insight from mountains of data and helps customers get the most out of their high-powered IT investments.

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Storage magazine and SearchStorage invited data storage product companies to nominate new or enhanced products for the 2019 Products of  Year awards. For previously available products, the upgrade must have incorporated significant new features. Products could be entered in one of five categories: backup and disaster recovery hardware, software and services; cloud storage; disk and disk subsystems; hyper-converged and composable infrastructures; and storage system and application software. Products were judged by a panel of analysts, consultants, and Storage magazine and SearchStorage editors. Products were rated based on innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing infrastructure, ease of use, and manageability, functionality, and value.

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