WekaIO Awarded Eight New Patents

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Oct. 18, 2017 – WekaIO, a high-performance storage software company, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued the company eight new patents. WekaIO has integrated these data management capabilities to its high-performance parallel file system to deliver low latency and ultra-high bandwidth performance at scale. Customers building large analytics clusters, or GPU platforms for deep learning, will experience significant application acceleration and faster access to data compared to legacy network attached storage systems.

This portfolio of patents includes technologies that eliminate the latencies associated with distributed storage systems while efficiently protecting data across a distributed storage platform, addressing many of the limitations of conventional approaches to data storage.
The patents include:

  • Congestion mitigation in distributed storage systems (9,733,834) and multi-tiered distributed storage systems (9,645,761)
  • Quality of service management (9,686,359)
  • Distributed erasure coded virtual file system (9,448,887)
  • Load balanced network file accesses (9,699,244)
  • Management of file system requests (9,773,013)

As WekaIO continues to develop its technology to meet the changing needs of customers and to fill a gap in the storage market, additional patents will be added.

About WekaIO

WekaIO leapfrogs legacy infrastructures and improves IT agility by delivering software-centric data storage solutions that unlock the true promise of the cloud. WekaIO Matrix™ software is ideally suited for performance intensive workloads such as Web 2.0 application serving, financial modelling, life sciences research, media rendering, Big Data analytics, log management and government or university research.

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