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Tel Aviv

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Weka is a successful Start-up company whose high-performance distributed file system is revolutionizing the storage world and is the world fastest scalable file system today.

As a Kernel Developer at Weka you will:

• Be responsible of developing our filesystem's kernel and interfacing userspace components.

• Work closely with our backend file system team to build together new product features.

• Design, implement, unit test and maintain your features to be of production quality performance and stability.

• Write high quality code which is performant, testable, maintainable, and a joy to read (as much as C/kernel code can possibly be :)).


* Expert at C and experienced in C++ system level programming, both in and outside the linux kernel.

* Experience developing, testing and debugging complex kernel modules, while implementing new algorithms/data structures and interfacing with existing ones in the kernel.

* Solid understanding of Linux/Unix OS internals including locking and semaphores, multiprocessor and multithreaded architectures, device drivers, inter-process communication, etc.


* Strong knowledge of the linux kernel pagecache, VFS, filesystems, and other storage related modules.

* Done advanced testing of kernel modules with mocks and coverage.

* Have up-streamed code to Linux kernel and worked closely with an open-source community.

* Worked on storage/DB, distributed, networking, low latency and high performance products.

* Experience with python or other modern scripting languages.

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