Unleashing Faster and More Efficient AI Research with the University of Surrey

To support its mission of being a global leader in research and innovation, the University of Surrey has long invested in state-of-the-art Computer Vision and AI research. The cutting-edge experimental platforms they use, combined with the advent of big data and AI, have increased the amount of data produced and the need to support I/O heavy workloads.

At this informal fireside chat, please join Helen Cooper, Lab Facilities Manager, from the Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI, as she shares how they are:

  • Improving the experience for researchers by enabling a huge quantity of data to be accessed and processed up to 8x faster, without penalties for using small files
  • Reducing their technical debt by enabling researchers to focus on the algorithms instead of the computer architecture
  • Lowering their environmental impact by making more efficient use of their GPUs
  • Tackling data lifecycle management challenges and eliminating the need for frequent tuning
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  • Speakers

    Helen Cooper

    Lab Facilities Manager
    Surrey Institute for People-Centred AI

  • Speakers

    Colin Gallagher

    VP Product Marketing WEKA