Unleashing the Potential of AI with GPU Cloud

Take a look at how NexGen Cloud is unlocking boundless AI possibilities by deploying the most sophisticated GPU cloud infrastructure.


Top 5 Misconceptions About GPUs for AI

GPUs have been critical from taking AI from niche, artisanal projects to concrete, successful deployments that are changing how enterprises operate.

​​Achieve more with WEKA​ for Cloud Workflows

Up to 7x improved performance versus traditional and cloud native storage offerings
data platform that scales up and down​
​Up to 65% reduction in infrastructure costs​
​Up to 90% faster cloud data pipelines
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​​”I looked at a lot of storage systems in AWS and chose WEKA because of the ability to tier to S3 storage for the best cost given the volume of data we are creating.​”
​​Samuel Reid, Head of Technology, Untold Studios​
“​​We needed to replicate our on-premises high-performance computing environment in the cloud to be more scalable and more agile. WEKA and AWS enabled us to deliver a highly performant and compatible cloud environment which researchers could not tell the difference in operations. By using WEKA and AWS, we’re able to deliver breakthrough results for our customers faster.​”
​​Arnold De Leon, Operations Manager, 23andMe​
“Getting WEKA up and running was so easy, so fast. It just felt so slick. But I wasn’t really expecting what I saw once we ran performance metrics. I’ve never seen anything like it. Without WEKA, my life would be much harder, and my job as a studio technologist would be incredibly difficult.”
​​Alan McSeveney, Head of Technology, Preymaker​
​​”The ability to write to S3 and read back very quickly using WEKA changed our game a lot. Previously, experiments might have taken us 3 months or more; and now we can do these exact same experiments in less than a week.​”
​​Jon Sorenson, VP Technology Development, Atomwise​
“We are using the WEKA shared file system on AWS instead of Lustre for its stability and stellar support for our geospatial workflows. Using WEKA, demanding analyses than used to take 2-3 months, are completed in less than two weeks.”
​​Alessandro Menegaz, Cloud IT Manager, Tre Altamira​
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