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Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Digital disruption is affecting all aspects of the media & entertainment value chain from production to consumption. The explosive amount of digital media being created, fueled by insatiable demand, is driving change in how content is created, stored and distributed. Traditional technologies that create data and workflow silos are giving way to dynamically scalable and globally collaborative solutions. Companies that embrace these advancements can transform and thrive in this new global digital media marketplace.

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  • Accelerate Post-Production and VFX Workflows with Dynamic Performance Scaling
  • Connect to any S3 or Swift Object Store for Unlimited Capacity Scaling and Lowest Cost
  • Leverage Flash for Low Latency High Throughput for Small and Large Files
  • Improve Collaboration with Single Global Namespace
  • Protect Assets With the Highest Level of Availability and Resiliency

5 Reasons to Deploy WekaIO Matrix™ in Media Workflows

Try new VFX and rendering techniques without having to wait days for the results