On-Premises Deployments

WekaIO Matrix for Private Cloud

WekaIO Matrix is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-configure software-based storage solution that fluidly adapts to your environment giving you complete deployment flexibility.


Matrix software runs as a service alongside other applications on your existing server infrastructure presenting a unified file namespace. It shares the existing Ethernet infrastructure and provides ultra low latency access to your data. Integrated tiering automatically and transparently migrates your cold data to any S3 or Swift compatible private cloud for low cost and limitless scale.

Hyperconverged deployments eliminate your external storage footprint and lower operational costs when compared to standalone storage infrastructure. Imagine getting a free storage performance boost with each server refresh.

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Dedicated Storage Server

A dedicated storage server deployment is ideal when you want to maintain separate storage and compute infrastructure for isolation or large capacity scaling. In this case, a separate storage cluster based on standard, commodity hardware connects to your existing compute cluster over a standard Ethernet network.

Matrix software also supports mixed deployments where some cluster nodes only provide storage services while other nodes run both applications and storage services. For improved ROI and investment protection, decommissioned servers can be re-purposed as storage nodes to extend their useful life.



Whether your applications run on-premises for performance, in a virtual environment for ease of deployment and resiliency, or entirely in the cloud for on-demand scalability, Matrix is a no compromise, storage solution providing the freedom to choose the best environment for your application based on performance, scale, and economics.

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