Why Legacy File Systems Can’t Keep Up with AI and High-Velocity Analytics


Get Off Your NAS - to Accelerate AI and High-Velocity Analytics

IT planners often try to use legacy NAS systems to support Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High-Velocity Analytics (HVA) workloads, but quickly find legacy NAS lacking. AI/HVA are the definition of modern workloads. It makes sense then that the storage architecture should also be modern. It needs to be parallel in nature but also be optimized for modern multi-core storage servers and have native, built-in support for advanced storage technology like NVMe. The goal of the modern file system should be to extract maximum performance out of the flash media while also delivering scalability, efficiency and ease of use.

This eBook covers:

  • Why legacy file systems cannot support modern AI and High Velocity Analytics workloads
  • Designing a file system for AI and High Velocity Analytics
  • Debunking AI and High Velocity Analytics benchmark results
  • A modern file system for AI and High Velocity Analytics

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