WEKA on Google Cloud Platform

The most scalable high-performance file system in the cloud

Accelerate Your Workloads on Google Cloud

Run high performance applications on Google Cloud

Deliver unbeatable performance for your most demanding applications running in Google Cloud, supporting high I/O, low latency, small files, and mixed workloads with zero tuning.

Migrate to Google Cloud

Send snapshots of your WEKA filesystem to any Google Cloud Storage object store for backup and disaster recovery. Full and incremental snapshots include metadata to enable seamless data portability between on-prem and Google Cloud.

Accelerate Hybrid Cloud Workflows with Google Cloud

Maintain a usable copy of your on-premises data in your GCP environment, where you can use elastic compute resources to run calculations and analyses and gain new insights. Use easy, low-impact data portability to enable backup and disaster recovery to the cloud, cloud bursting, cloud archival.

Collaborate faster on Google Cloud

Your researchers, data scientists, creative teams, or other knowledge workers can collaborate faster by using a single copy of data optimized to meet the performance needs of every step in your workflow.

Optimize Utilization of Compute-intensive GCE Machines

Run your applications at faster speeds and improve the utilization of expensive compute resources by making sure they are never waiting on the storage infrastructure to deliver the data they need.

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WEKA on Google Cloud

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