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The WEKA Data Platform gives you the performance you need to run any workload in the cloud – affordably.

Your Cloud, Your Way

The WEKA Data Platform makes it easy to leverage the best of what the cloud has to offer, no matter how you want to use it.

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Run Natively on the Cloud - or Clouds - of Your Choice

The WEKA Data Platform provides seamless integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to give you a single, unified deployment option that performs consistently across edge, on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multicloud environments.

Tier and Reduce Data In the Cloud

Integrated data management automatically and seamlessly moves data from the performance tier of NVMe-enabled cloud compute instances to the native object storage capacity tier for massive scalability, all presented in a single namespace for best economics at petascale.

Easily Move or Back-up On-Premises Data to the Cloud

The WEKA Data Platform’s Remote Backup feature sends snapshots of a filesystem – both full and incremental – including metadata, to an object store, so data can be restored on the original WEKA cluster or a new WEKA cluster of any size, on-premises and in the cloud.

Use the Cloud with Bursting or Data Tiering

The WEKA Data Platform makes it simple to maintain a usable copy of on-premises data in the cloud, where you can use elastic compute resources to run calculations and analyses and gain new insights.

Migrating or Replicating Data Between Clouds or Zones

The WEKA Data Platform’s unique snap-to-object feature allows users to create a replica of production data and instantly push it to any S3 object store, both on-premises and in the cloud.
The cloud copy can be used for workload migration to another application cluster, or to provide a fast recovery point objective (RPO) service guarantee.

Feel Right at Home in the Cloud

The WEKA Data Platform provides a full set of capabilities that organizations have enjoyed on-premises in the cloud of your choice

Easily Move Data to Cloud

Simply and easily able to create an entire usable copy of that data in the cloud which can used in parallel for compute and burst workloads

Auto-scale Performance

Remove the need to constantly tune IO, delivering the perfect IO to every workload, every time.

Eliminate Data Copies

Ingest your data once into the WEKA Data Platform and make it available to all workloads, eliminating the need for multiple copies of data.

Automatically Tier & Restore Data

Unlimited scaling at the best cost by automatically tiering between the NVMe native compute and object storage resources of the clouds, all in a single namespace.

Access the Same Data Across Protocols

Let multiple applications (Windows, Linux, Mac, POSIX, S3 native) simultaneously share and collaborate on a single data set with full data consistency across protocols.

Manage at Hyperscale

Easily manage and automate your environments no matter the scale with full GUI, CLI and API management.

Cloud to Save the Day

Ransomware attacks have grown increasingly frequent in recent years and attackers are targeting organizations across nearly every industry and causing significant, costly disruptions to operations. With WEKA you can have a multi-vendor protection schema in the event of an attack with cloud-to-cloud or on-premises-to-cloud recovery capabilities. Use WEKA to make instantaneous and immutable snapshots and send them to a WORM bucket in a different data center or cloud and then use them instantaneously to roll back a compromised filesystem without the need to unmount or remount clients.


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