WekaIO is awarded Gartner Cool Vendor in storage technologies

Liran Zvibel. April 25, 2018
WekaIO is awarded Gartner Cool Vendor in storage technologies

It’s hard to believe it has been less than a year ago that WekaIO appeared on the storage scene. With the level of inbound enquiries we receive every week from all over the world, the news has spread fast that WekaIO is the world’s fastest parallel file system for AI and technical computing. In that time we have launched a cloud native solution on AWS, become a strategic partner to HPE for high performance workloads, and clearly established ourselves as the #1 fastest file system on SPEC 2014 benchmarks.

We have also gotten notice from the press and analysts and today I am delighted to announce that we have been recognized by Gartner as a 2018 Cool Vendor in storage technologies.
Gartner undergoes an annual survey that highlights the forward-facing challenges in the enterprise and identifies new disruptive companies that can help address these issues.
Several key challenges that face enterprise customers include:

  • Supporting new workloads in AI, Machine learning and IoT
  • Scaling infrastructure (both on-premises and cloud) as data sets continue to grow exponentially
  • Integrating cloud with legacy enterprise infrastructure

So what makes us “Cool”? Well Matrix is the first and only NVMe-native parallel file system that has been written to support new high performance workloads in AI and technical computing. The demands of 2018 workloads cannot be met with a thirty year old protocol such as NFS, that was designed when networks were slow relative to the storage media. We are proud to have the most demanding AV workloads being run on WekaIO software.

We also understood that we cannot be all-flash. Scaling infrastructure on flash based technology is just not financially practical and solutions have to integrate disk based technologies into the architecture. From our earliest architectural design, we included a seamless way to leverage object storage for massive scale and lowest possible cost. There is no need for additional software or complex data moving tools, simply point WekaIO to any S3 object storage bucket and scale to Exabytes.

Finally we have integrated cloud bursting to allow customers to establish a hybrid cloud strategy including backup to the cloud, elastic compute in the cloud or native cloud storage. As a young company we started with AWS but will continue to expand our service to new cloud providers as demand grows.

We are honored be listed in the Gartner Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies, 2018 report and we encourage you to download the full report and get the independent analyst view.

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